6 ways to design a bedroom that reflects your personality

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Although we are increasingly more aware of the importance of physical activity and a good diet, we don’t put enough emphasis on sleep. More than 80 years ago, about 59% of Americans got at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Today, this number has decreased to 34%.

6 ways to design a bedroom that reflects your personality

Sleep is one of the essential elements if you want to lead a healthy and happy life. You should put effort into making sure that you get a proper night of sleep. You will have an easier time going to bed early if your bedroom reflects your personality. In a second, you’ll learn how to do that. Let’s go!

Proper curtains are key!

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your curtains, unless the ones that you have are not up to standards. If you live in a district where nightlife thrives, you’ll need to make sure that your curtains don’t let too much light through. Otherwise, you would have trouble sleeping at night. Let’s be honest, though, functionality is not all that matters. If you want to add some sexiness to your bedroom, you could choose violet or red curtains. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to relax and meditate, you could choose lighter colors. You could combine calming colors with relaxing music to create an atmosphere of relaxation! If you don’t have good speakers already, then check out Best Budget!

Some light in the darkness!

If you have chosen curtains that are blocking too much light, but you wouldn’t want to change them, then there’s a simple solution: buy better lights! Although you shouldn’t focus on work in your bedroom, as it might cause you to have a harder time falling asleep, from time to time, you’ll need proper lighting too! If you have no idea which lamps you should choose, then click here!

Don’t forget about bedding!

Even if light doesn’t disturb you, there are still things that could make it much difficult for you to have a proper rest in your bed. If you want to be ready to give your 100%, you should make sure that you have comfortable bedding. If your sheets and blankets are old and dirty, you won’t feel cozy in your bed, even if the rest of your bedroom is nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, aesthetic value is important – try to choose colors of your sheets that will go well with the rest of your bedroom, but you want to feel comfortable as well. It means that you should base your judgment on two criteria: aesthetic value and coziness.

6 ways to design a bedroom that reflects your personality - amazing bedroom

Decorate the walls!

If your bedroom seems a little bit empty, then you could fix this issue by hanging some paintings. Depending on the mood that you are trying to create, you should choose adequate paintings. If you want to create some intimate mood, you could hang some erotic works created by Italian painters in the 18th century. If all that you want your bedroom to be is a place of relaxation, then you could choose some paintings of breathtaking landscapes. Remember that you shouldn’t worry about what people will say. If you want to wake up every day to the horde of velociraptors gazing at you from the opposite wall, then so be it.

Another great option for your room makeover are wall stickers. You can create a dream design in your mind and make your own personalised bedroom wall art, which will turn your boring walls into a modern gallery.

Bring back memories!

Although you don’t want to spend hours in bed thinking about your childhood, directing your attention toward the past is something that some of us don’t do often enough. If you have some toys and items from the old times stored in your attic or basement, you could thoroughly clean them and place them on a nightstand. Although you are an adult now, you shouldn’t let the kid inside you die. You have your responsibilities, sure, and the world might seem like a scary place sometimes, but it won’t always be like this. Thinking about your past could give you enough motivation to continue on your path.

Who are you?

If you are not sure what you could possibly add to your bedroom, just think for a minute or two about your personality traits (hint: there are 16 different personality types). If you consider yourself to be a “rebel”, then don’t listen to all the guides in the world, and put some elements that aren’t normally found in bedrooms. Or, you could even ignore this piece of advice and follow all the guidelines to the letter! If, on the other hand, you like having everything organized, then your bedroom should reflect your personality as well – make it as harmonious as possible!

It is worth the effort!

You will spend 30% of your life in your bedroom. It means that if you want to live a happy and productive life, you should put some effort into making it your safe place.

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