How To Create Decorative And Functional Items In Your Patio

Have you ever looked at your patio and realized that there’s something amiss?  Perhaps, it’s the lack of decorative and functional items in your home’s outdoor resting area. But, thinking about all the possible pieces of décor you can put in your patio can bring confusion in your mind as to what you should and shouldn’t use.

How To Create Decorative And Functional Items In Your Patio

Having said that, here are five attractive and practical items to consider for your next patio remodeling project:

Hanging Succulents

Unleash your green thumb in your next patio remodeling project by introducing hanging succulents to the area. These plants enjoy growing in hanging pots, so you can always see the marvels of Mother Nature as you spend your Sunday afternoons at the patio.

Choose from a broad array of hanging succulent selections for your patio, including:

  • Donkey’s Tail: A short and light green foliage that’s generally easy to propagate.
  • Kenya Hyacinth: With leaves shaped like a lance, this plant can bloom up to 1.5 ft. in length.
  • Burro’s Tail: A beautiful succulent that forms designs akin to a burro’s tail (hence, the name).
  • Little Pickles: This creeping plant has trailing stems that may grow up to several feet in length.
  • Heart Strings: Also called Rosary Vine, this hanging succulent has leaves shaped like hearts.

Hanging succulents can also bring new beauty to your patio and deliver more oxygen to the area. Thus, you may not feel suffocated when resting at your patio during a hot summer day.

Foldable Umbrella

Add a bit of personality to a small patio space with a sizable foldable umbrella. Check the market for foldable umbrella designs, and you can select from a broad range of decorations. These looks can range from solid colors to patterns. Choose the right design that complements the furniture in the area. For example, a striped umbrella should go well with the lines appearing on outdoor rattan furniture. But, foldable umbrellas aren’t only for show. Open the device, and you now have a shield from the harshness of the sun’s rays. You can also use the umbrella to protect yourself and your guests from sudden summer rains.


Hammocks are excellent additions to patios. Like umbrellas, the market presents different available hammock styles for interested purchasers. Choose from vintage-looking hammocks to those that exude modernism. But, hammocks aren’t only decorative as these outdoor beds can also be functional pieces of décor. Hammocks may also provide different health benefits.

For example, the hammock’s gentle rocking motion may allow users to fall asleep faster than sleeping on a bed. Hence, hammock sleepers can achieve a dream-like state quicker as compared to the rate of acquiring a similar condition when sleeping on a bed. However, make sure to clean your patio if you plan on adding a hammock to the area. It can be challenging to fall asleep if the area is unclean and riddled with dust, dirt, and debris.

How To Create Decorative And Functional Items In Your Patio - plant

Romantic Bench

Do you want you and your significant other to get away from the kids, even if it’s just going to be for a few minutes?  If so, you can have an intimate spot within your premises by adding a romantic bench in your patio. Tuck the bench in a not-so-hidden spot in the property. For example, you can hide this piece of furniture behind a tree or in an alcove. This not-so-secret paradise can help you clear your mind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Also, the bench can add a sense of mystery to the house. Visiting this private spot can present you with a little surprise each time you and your partner pay a visit.


If you don’t have an alcove or a bunch of trees in your property, you can still enhance your patio’s privacy by hanging curtains in the area. Curtains tend to be inexpensive, and these decorations create a temporary wall that prevents people from taking a quick peek from afar. Take the time in selecting the right design that complements the surrounding. Choose a curtain randomly, and the design might clash with the furniture. Otherwise, choose the right curtain, and your patio will exude elegance and grace while the material helps block the sun’s piercing hot rays.

Creating A Beautiful And Functional Patio Is Easy

At first, you might think that decorating your patio with aesthetic and functional items is a challenging feat. The task should be relatively easy, particularly if you choose to add elements, like hanging succulents, curtains, and hammocks. Let your creativity flow while decorating your home’s exteriors. However, always remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice functionality over fashion, and the other way around.

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