7 Styling Tips to Follow When Decorating with Wooden Furniture

The addition of wooden furniture lends any interior space a certain kind of warmth and character. This is especially the case if the said wooden furniture is an antique or a family heirloom. However, it can also be a challenge to let wooden furniture shine on its own and fit right in with the look of a modern Filipino home. Perhaps you have a wooden cabinet or a study table that you’re struggling to find a place for in your home, or maybe you have an antique dining table that you want to turn into the focal point of your studio unit.

wooden dining table with chairs

Here are some styling tips that you can take into consideration to maximize the appeal and functionality of these wooden furniture pieces.

Turn the Piece into the Room’s Centerpiece

Some wooden furniture pieces deserve all the attention, and maybe the wooden piece you’re considering will do well with the same kind of treatment. A handsome wooden dresser or an immaculately restored wooden chaise longue can stand out on their own and serve as a conversation piece, especially if they have a unique story behind them. To turn all eyes into these showpieces, put them under good lighting and designate them as the centers of activities in the rooms they are in. If you have a standalone wooden chest in your dining area, for example, you can use it as a mini wine bar so it will always stay within your guests’ line of sight.

Use Wooden Furniture in Unconventional Ways

If the wooden furniture piece you’ve inherited or bought at a bargain does not fit the theme of your home’s interior, don’t despair. Rather, embrace its somewhat odd look by giving the piece an unusual or unconventional purpose. You can, for instance, turn a sturdy wooden dining table or console into an indoor display for your best-looking plants or as your workstation for preparing ornamental plants that are still works in progress.

Match It with Furniture Pieces from the Same Design Movement or Time Period

Wooden furniture pieces also do well when used to stage a scene. You can easily create a themed space in your home by using a few furniture pieces from the same design movement or time period. If you have a mid-century wooden dining table, for example, you can look for dining chairs that also belong to the same style. Take your time when collecting the right pieces that will make up your mid-century dining area. Carefully curate the pieces so that they will look good and serve as well-loved backgrounds for your photos.

bedroom with wooden furniture

Highlight the Contrast with Plush Furniture Pieces

Wood is a sturdy material that creates defined lines very well. As such, it’s not unusual for wooden furniture to look somewhat formal. If this is not the kind of atmosphere that you want for your bedroom or living room, then you can soften the look of an imposing bookcase or wardrobe by surrounding it with plush furniture pieces and seating options. A hardwood coffee table won’t look out of place when surrounded by leather sofas, for instance. The same can be said for a solidly built wooden table surrounded by plush chairs. The combination will make the space look more inviting and welcoming.

Dress It Up Using Colorful Accessories and Accents

The addition of colorful accessories and accents can also help your wooden furniture pieces shine. Plants tend to look good when sharing a space with wooden furniture because of their similar botanic origin. Colorful artworks also look great when placed around the muted beauty of wooden pieces because they evoke, in different ways, the skill and creative vision of the people who made them. As such, don’t hesitate to surround your wooden furniture pieces with your favorite plants as well as paintings, sculptures, quiltwork, and other handcrafted items.

Collect Wooden Pieces with Different Finishes

Again, to reduce the formal look of a room with a lot of wooden furniture, consider combining pieces with different finishes. Wood finishes can have various grains and undertones like yellow, orange, red, and brown. Too much of one color, especially dark ones, can make your room look a little bit dreary. As such, make it a point to collect wooden pieces that have different finishes. You can complement your collection of wooden furnishings by adding accessories like rugs that have the same undertones as some of the items in your furniture pieces.

Give the Wooden Piece a Fresh Coat of Paint

Finally, you can also put a fresh coat of paint over your wooden furniture. This is an option if you really can’t make the furniture work with the rest of your items and the theme of the room. A neutral hue will help you have an easier time mixing and matching pieces to the space that you have, plus it also will not attract undue attention. Do you have wooden furniture that you’re not sure how to incorporate into your room? Follow these tips and you’ll have an easier time letting the piece shine on its own or finding its place in your interior design scheme.

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