How to decorate your house safely this Christmas

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Lots of us enjoy decorating our houses during the festive season. Brightly decorated homes add a sense of joy and excitement in the build up to Christmas. As well, there’s nothing more fun and rewarding than doing it yourself. However, decorating a house can also be dangerous. You may be operating electrical wires with technical equipment, so it’s important to know how to stay safe. An injury could ruin more than your Christmas: it could have a significant impact on your life.

How to decorate your house safely this Christmas

So, here’s how to be safe when decorating your house this Christmas.

Check the equipment

When decorating your house, you might be using hammers, drills or wiring. It’s important to check that everything is in good working order before you use it. Just because something’s new, doesn’t mean it isn’t faulty. So, test everything out safely first. If you get an injury from faulty equipment, you might wish to contact a lawyer to find out about the next steps you should take. Check out this personal injury lawyers list for more information. An injury from dangerous equipment isn’t to be taken lightly, so follow protocols and be safe when using anything electrical.

Wear the right clothing

Decorating a home for Christmas might not seem as though it requires top of the range garments. However, any kind of DIY should be done in the right clothing. Don’t wear anything you could trip over when climbing ladders and wear goggles when drilling. Don’t forget to wrap up warm when decorating the exterior of your house and wear gloves to prevent possible electric shocks.

Buddy up

It’s important never to decorate a home alone. If something goes wrong, you need someone else around to help. Decorating the roof, for example, might require the use of a ladder. You’ll need to ensure that someone else holds it in place so that it doesn’t slip. Use the buddy system to decorate safely and ensure that, if an accident does happen, it can be dealt with quickly.

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Don’t overpower

Electricity can be dangerous. During the festive period, homes tend to use a lot more of it than normal. You might have lots of lights plugged into one extension cable. However, it’s important to check how much voltage extension cables can handle before you overpower them. Overloading an extension cord could cause a fire and put your life in danger.

Pin back wires

Homes are often full of loose wires during the holiday season. They’re wrapped around trees, hanging in corridors and even dangling off roofs. This means that they can be trip hazards. You don’t want to put your family in danger when walking around the home, so make sure all wires are pinned back and kept out of harm’s way.

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