What’s The Best Way to Deal With a Dangerous Tree?

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Trees look beautiful and they do a lot for nature. In most peoples’ opinion, cutting down a tree is a very bad act. It is true that tree cutting is a sad business. It damages the environment and upsets eco-systems. But not every act of tree cutting is evil. There are times when a tree needs to be brought down for safety reasons. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how can trees pose a threat to their surroundings. We’ll also look at a few options that can be used if you need to deal with a dangerous trees.

tree fallen on the house

All of these options will require the help of a professional tree service company.

How Can Trees Be Dangerous?

A healthy tree can grow quite big over the years. As trees age, they grow in all sorts of different directions. And during their growth, their structural strength increases as well. However, not every tree is fortunate enough to grow perfectly. Many trees face disruptions in their growth. These disruptions can lead to their structural strength being compromised. This is why it’s important to regularly prune and trim trees. Trimming helps determine a tree’s growth pattern. It also encourages the tree to focus on strengthening its body rather than growing it. A structurally weak tree will have a hard time withstanding strong winds. There will be a greater possibility of its body becoming damaged or weakened due to wind pressure. And once a tree’s body becomes damaged, it can become a safety hazard. Tree’s have a lot of mass and can wreak havoc on whatever they fall on. Damaged trees that are growing near buildings or in crowded spaces can be really dangerous. They could fall down at any time and do a lot of damage.

Poorly managed tree growth isn’t the only thing that makes them dangerous. Trees can be afflicted by a variety of diseases and parasites. These diseases can lead to a tree rotting from the inside. Once this happens, a tree becomes highly unstable. In fact, diseased trees are so unstable that even a team of experts have a hard time cutting it down. The instability in a tree makes it hard to control when it’s being cut. Any sort of damaged tree is dangerous because it can potentially fall on something or someone. Trees like these need to be cut down before they cause damage. In times like this, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in a tree service company. These companies have the tools, manpower, and knowledge needed to safely deal with even the most dangerous tree.

What’s The Best Way to Bring Down a Tree?

When it comes to felling trees, we have a variety of options available. Every option has its pros and cons. When it comes to dealing with larger trees, tree cutters need to use more sophisticated technology. The goal of a tree cutter is to bring down a tree in a safe and controlled manner. The best way to bring down a tree depends on the situation. But in most cases, when dealing with larger trees, a hydraulic tree wedge can get the job done.

hydraulic wedge for dealing with a dangerous tree

Hydraulic tree wedges are small devices that can be used to bring down medium to large sized trees with great control especially if you need to cut down the tree leaning in the opposite direction. The compact form factor of this tool makes it easy to use in a lot of situations. And its hydraulic power makes it capable of dealing with a lot of weight.

How Do Hydraulic Wedges Work?

The process of using a hydraulic wedge is fairly simple. A two-man team is needed in order to use this tool effectively. Before the wedge can be used, the tree must be “prepared”. First, the best place to cut the tree from is marked, then a chainsaw is used to form a wedge cut. The wedge cut must be made carefully. Without proper angling, you can fell the tree prematurely. Once the wedge cut has been made, the opposite side of the wedge cut must be prepared. This is where the hydraulic wedge tool will go.

Using a chainsaw, a hollow is formed on the opposite side of the wedge cut. The hydraulic wedge then gets placed inside of this hollow. Now, one man uses the wedge tool to build pressure on the tree. This pressure forces the tree to fall in the direction of the wedge cut. As the wedge tool is used by one man, the other person uses a chainsaw to extend the wedge cut. Once the cut goes all the way through the tree, the tree begins to fall. Its falling direction is determined by the wedge tool’s pressure. This ensures that the tree goes down in the desired direction with minimal deviation. Wedge tools are safe to use and they also get the job done effectively. Their simplicity makes them cost friendly as well. Wedges are the most important when you need to deal with a dangerous tree.

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