How to De-Winterize Your Outdoor Hot-Tub

Time to de-winterize your hot-tub is almost here and this is also the so-called moment of truth to see if you passed the winterization test first. Luckily it is much easier to de-winterize and there really should be no problems if you’ve done everything right when you closed your hot-tub at the end of the season and if you’ve regularly checked on it. If you bought your hot-tub at a reputable store like Aqua Paradise, the staff has probably already run you through the processes of winterizing and de-winterizing.How to de-winterize your outdoor hot-tub

Typically, issues that might occur and things you need to be on the lookout for, especially during harsh winters, are possible leaks, cracks or any damage done to plumbing or other equipment.


Since your hot-tub will be empty after you’ve opened it, this is the perfect opportunity to clean it. If the surface of the hot tub is wooden you can simply use baking soda and a brush for the inner walls. For the outer walls, you can use products like Linseed Oil. Generally, you can be more flexible with the cleaning agent you want to use for the outer surface, but make sure you don’t do more damage than good.

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If you have an acrylic hot-tub you can use a wet and soft cloth to clean the inside. You can also use some specifically designed hot-tub cleaner agents to get rid of any stains or puddles you find after you de-winterize. You should absolutely not use any sort of household cleaners because they are not designed for that type of cleaning, not because they would not do the job right, but because there are various chemicals which may interfere with the balance of the water and possibly be harmful to users later on.

Hot-tub cover should also be cleaned at the same time. You can do that while the hot-tub is being filled, same rules apply here when it comes to agents you want to use; specifically designed cleaners and conditioners to clean and preserve vinyl exposed to various elements throughout the year.


This step is quite important because you don’t want any problems to occur in the middle of the season. All the visible pipes need to be investigated and you also need to look out for any cracks or visible damage. Check your wires for rodent bites damage, drain plugs that were removed need to be replaced as well.

How to de-winterize your outdoor hot-tub - outdoor hot tub

The inside of the hot-tub needs to be checked to make sure that lights, drain covers and jets are all in order. Then you can proceed to fill it with water.

Fill the hot-tub

You can use your regular garden hose to do this. Depending on the size of the hot-tub and the hose, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Just make sure you don’t overfill it. After that you are ready to start it up, you can again check if elements like the pump, lights, heat, and others are working fine. Then, you are 95% ready to enjoy your hot-tub.

Time to balance

This is very important because you because the water needs to be safe. Luckily for you, you can use regular tap water in some places around the country, but sometimes the balance needs to be adjusted manually.

In other words, the pH levels, as well as alkalinity and calcium need to be properly balanced. After you’ve balanced it, you can then shock it as a final touch of the process. This is done to ensure that there are no organic waste contaminants which cause bad smell and cloudy water.
If you need help with adjusting the water in your hot tub or you want an advice on which jacuzzi to buy, always try to contact certified experts like Aqua Paradise.

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