Day Porter Or Janitor: 4 Key Differences

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Keeping commercial and industrial buildings clean can be challenging. Since these spaces are always busy, they require rigorous maintenance to ensure neatness and safety. To achieve this goal, you need cleaning and maintenance experts. Choosing between hiring a day porter or a janitor is a common dilemma in building maintenance. These two experts perform specific cleaning and organizing tasks to keep areas spotless. However, knowing which one to hire depends on your needs.

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Here are four key differences between a day porter and a janitor.

1. Tasks

Day porters and janitors perform cleaning tasks to meet a facility’s health and safety standards. They work to make each area presentable and comfortable for everyone. However, day porter services focus more on the following:

  • Basic Cleanup: You can hire day porters for basic cleanups, like cleaning up after events or meetings and clearing spills. You can have them standing by, ready to wipe and clean any mess, especially in common areas and lobbies.
  • Wiping Down Surfaces: The pandemic has taught every facility to wipe down and sanitize surfaces to prevent the spread of diseases. Day porters can perform these tasks efficiently.
  • Bathroom Restock: Restocking the bathroom is crucial to maintaining the building’s function. While the janitors keep it clean, day porters help keep them comfortable for everyone.
  • Basic Maintenance: Day porters are ready to perform basic maintenance tasks, like quick repairs. Professional day porter services have well-trained team members to meet your needs.

Day porters typically take care of basic cleaning and maintenance daily while ensuring the building’s functionality. In contrast, janitors take care of in-depth tasks, such as the following:

  • Deep Cleaning: Most janitors work after busy hours to perform deep cleaning. They ensure even the hard-to-reach areas are spotless. They also take care of the spaces that are impossible to clean during the day.
  • Trash Removal: Emptying and moving trash is one of the basic janitorial tasks. They ensure the bins are fully clean and empty so that the space is fresh and clean by the morning.
  • Floor Polishing: Janitors can keep the floors sparkly clean when the building is empty. They can polish the surfaces without impeding the facility’s operation and prepare the common spaces for the next day.

Regarding cleaning tasks, the main difference between day porters and janitors is the job’s complexity. Day porters take care of the basics, while janitors perform the deep cleaning.

2. Personalized Services

Each building has different cleaning and maintenance needs. Some spaces are busier and more crowded, while others are simpler. Specifying the services you need helps determine whether a day porter or a janitor is preferable. Professional day porters offer personalized services to meet your needs and expectations. You can hire a team to perform one specific assignment in one day. For instance, you can hire them to sanitize a whole building or something as simple as putting back items in place in a retail store. On the other hand, janitors provide your general cleaning and maintenance needs. They go to work regularly to perform their jobs at their best.

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3. Work Schedule

Another critical difference between day porters and janitorial services is their work schedule. One has a regular working schedule, while the other can perform tasks only on designated days and times. From their name, day porters take care of your building during the day. They perform basic cleaning and maintenance during business hours without disrupting operations. However, you can hire them to do a task within a specific schedule. In contrast, janitors’ work schedule is often fixed. They provide the best cleaning and maintenance services throughout the week to ensure the building is safe and clean.

4. Work Arrangements

Day porters and janitors differ in their work arrangements. Janitors are typically hired within the same company or through a cleaning services partner. They usually work the same as any regular team member within the building or facility. On the other hand, hiring day porters requires getting in touch with a trusted cleaning services company. These companies have dedicated teams to work on specific tasks. They have different fields of expertise to provide the best service that meets individual needs.

When To Hire A Day Porter Or A Janitor

Hiring the best cleaning services is crucial to maintaining health and safety standards in your building or business. Therefore, determining the right experts to hire is necessary. Hiring day porters is best if you’re looking for reliable essential cleaning services during business hours. Day porters are also best at providing customized maintenance specifically planned according to your needs. In contrast, hiring a janitor is always a requirement to maintain cleanliness in your building. Day porters and janitors can work together to ensure each space is spotless and safe.


Day porters and janitors have different tasks but share a common goal. These cleaning and maintenance experts provide the best services to create clean, healthy, and functional spaces.

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