Damaged Home: Can You Still Sell it?

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Wondering how to sell your damaged house? Of course, it is not easy compared to selling a property in tip-top condition. A house that needs massive repairs due to severe wear and tear or worse, fire damage, is not likely to be put on sale at its top market price. When the cost of getting it fixed is just totally unfeasible, the best option is often to try and find a suitable buyer as quickly as you can. But don’t worry, it’s possible to sell your damaged house without having to wait forever or compromise on the asking price.

Damaged Home for sale

This article is a guide on how to sell your damaged home for a fair price.

Sell your Damaged Home to a Cash Home Buyer

Owning a damaged property with deferred maintenance can be stressful. When the cost of repairs is both extensive and time-consuming, your best option may be to just sell your home to a cash home buyer. The experts at We Buy Fire Damaged Houses explain that in many cases, without completing needed repairs, your realtor agents will not be able to sell your home without an enormous amount of work, inspections, and surveys. In this case, the best option available is to reach a quick and easy agreement with a cash home buyer who acts as an investor and will buy your fixer-upper property no matter what. If you still find it hard to sell your house with deferred maintenance, the guys at PPS House Buyers might help.

This solution works best for those whose house has serious damage or has been destroyed by fire, especially as the expenses for repairs are out of the question. There are many cash home buyers available who are experts in purchasing, renovating, or even rebuilding fire damaged houses across America and have helped thousands of homeowners to reach a favorable outcome. If the work that needs doing is just too far beyond your means or mental and emotional energy, reach out to a cash home buyer and they will be able to help.

Maximize Your Property Value with Some Big Ticket Items

When it comes to deciding whether to fix up a damaged house or try to sell it in its current state, most homeowners who are not in a rush and want to maximize its value tend to choose the first option. The tip is to focus on the highest priority items. For example, damaged foundations, a leaky roof, and broken doors and hinges which make the house unsecured. It is absolutely vital to upgrade these issues and whilst this may cost some money, it will be worth it in the end.

Therefore, to make sure you have everything in control, it is vital to identify the priority repairs and renovations. Do not jump into fixing anything without first carefully planning your budget. Renovating a small bathroom can cost you nearly $20,000 whilst a kitchen with brand-new household appliances may cost three times more than that. For the most efficient outcome, asking for some professional assistance is highly recommended, especially if you are an inexperienced homeowner.

Invest in Cosmetic Fixes

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or budget for making wholesale home improvements, spruce up your house by making some minor cosmetic fixes. You may be surprised how seemingly small improvements can increase both the look of your home and its saleability.

painting damaged home

Here are some easy renovation ideas to make your house great and ready for sale within just a few weeks:

  • Put up new wallpaper
  • Repaint your house (neutral colors preferred)
  • Polish your hardwood floor to restore its shine
  • Improve lighting by changing the light bulbs
  • Replace old curtains
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned

List your house In Its Current Condition

The final option is simply selling your house in its current condition and accepting the fact that you won’t get the money that you want. This means you do not have to spend any money or time on maintenance before listing the property. The trade-off with this option is clear. If there is a lot of maintenance required by the new owners, you are either going to struggle to sell the house or may end up not being able to sell at all. This option is usually advised for houses that only need minor repairs or modernization, not extensive structural rebuilds.

Trying to sell a fire damaged home can be extremely frustrating, and for many people, it seems like an impossible task. The important thing to remember is that everyone out there is looking for a bargain. Never feel over-appreciative that someone is willing to buy your damaged home. The reality is, is that they are interested in purchasing because they see the potential in your home. Do your research carefully, seek professional advice, and never be pressured into accepting an unfair offer.

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