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Alfresco are becoming a favourite in many homes. They’re outdoor spaces built under the main roof of the house to offer a smooth transition between the outdoors and the indoors.


Here are a couple of ways an alfresco can transform your outdoor space.

Alfresco Dining

An alfresco is a great spot to set up an outdoor dining area. Dining out in the open air is an unrivalled experience. The breeze and natural background all play a part in making a unique experience. Setting up the space requires special outdoor dining furniture that is designed to put up with the elements. The outdoor dining area is also great for entertaining guests while enjoying an evening cup of coffee or wine.

Alfresco Kitchen

Let’s face it, no one wants to move up and down between the indoor kitchen and the backyard during a party. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for preparing and storing food for backyard events. The kitchen can be fully equipped and function as a standalone area or serve as a secondary spot away from the main kitchen. There is no limit to the type of fittings that an alfresco kitchen can accommodate. You can fit a gas burner, oven, fridge and a grill. Everything you need in a kitchen can be fitted in the alfresco space. The alfresco kitchen also keeps the main house clean and organized since movement in and out of the house is minimized.

Alfresco Entertainment Area

An alfresco entertainment area is a great addition to an outdoor space. The area can accommodate several items including a projector, sound system and a television screen. The outdoor entertainment area is great for hosting movie nights and watching sports. It’s a nice place to spend your Saturday nights with friends and family. Moreover, hosting people outside means your indoor space remains clean and quiet.

Alfresco Bar

Your alfresco space can also serve as a bar. This is a great addition to an outdoor space and serves as a good place to host friends. An outdoor bar can accommodate everything you find in an indoor bar. Your can fit a fridge for your drinks, cabinets for your glasses and a counter for sitting. Alfresco bars also make backyard barbecues better. You can enjoy a beer or freshly mixed cocktails alongside family and friends as you barbecue.


Alfresco Lounge

Indoor lounging is good but it doesn’t match up to outdoor lounging. There is something about the outdoor breeze and nature that you can’t recreate in an indoor space. hence the need for an alfresco lounge. Alfresco lounges feature special furniture pieces that are both comfortable and durable. These include outdoor sofas and poufs. The pieces are designed to take on the outdoor elements including the harsh temperatures and sunlight.

Alfresco Fireplace

Outdoor spaces are also great for an alfresco fireplace or a fire pit. The fireplace can either be a freestanding unit or a wall unit. Pizza ovens are also a good alternative and go well with the alfresco kitchen. The alfresco fireplace can also serve as an additional fitting to the outdoor lounge. It’s certain to make cold evenings cozy.

Alfresco Bath

One of the more outrageous alfresco ideas is an alfresco bath. Bathroom spaces have gotten a lot of attention lately. Rainfall showers are a standard in many homes and homeowners are exploring new ways to set up relaxing bathroom spaces. The alfresco bathe is a unique concept that capitalizes on the privacy of backyard spaces. The bath offers a great spot to meditate or read a book. It offers an unparalleled experience of soaking in water while surrounded by nature. Although an alfresco bath is not popular, it’s worth a second thought. Customized alfresco spaces are gaining traction and many homeowners are making the necessary renovations. The spaces not only improve the living experience but also raise the property value. Get a customized alfresco and see how different your outdoor space will feel.

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