Custom Hardwood Conference Tables Types

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Custom hardwood conference tables types

The most used texture of the material in making the office and other conference room tables is the wood materials. It is not just any kind of wood but the best wood to use is the hardwood material. Hardwood is durable and allows one to customize the table in different shapes and also incorporate different colors to meet their needs and taste. Also, these tables are handcrafted to make sure that all the required details are put in place and prepared according to the user’s needs. Top best custom hardwood conference tables include:

Cherry conference tables

Cherry is one of the leading types of wood used for making the best custom wood conference tables. The used wood is individually hand selected and used with the best and most elegant cherry hardwood materials. This kind of hardwood can be painted and infused with different colors to give the table that elegant and unique color. Also, the fact that one can customize the working space according to their preferences makes it one of the most sorted after conference table. The wood can be curved in different shapes sizes and styles as well.

Dark red conference table

This is a multipurpose table that can be used for the conference room and the offices that require large tables as well. It features the hardwood oak wood material that is enriched with a red stain finish. One thing that we have noticed about the dark red oak conference table is that it does not have a smooth, sleek look as compared to other types of hardwood materials. The table can be customized in different sizes and shapes for easy fitting in the conference room.

African mahogany conference table

African mahogany is another fine and most used hardwood for customizing some of the best furniture worldwide. It is the most natural kind of wood to work with and can be tailored in different methods as well. For example, if you want border inlays or even branding on the table made according to the members of the boards, the wood allows so. The finishing on the wood can be done in many shapes and colors according to one’s requirements.

Custom hardwood conference tables types - mahogany conference table

Maple conference table

Although maple hardwood is widely used for making other office furniture like desks and chairs, now designers have found out the material can also be used for customizing the best boardroom and conference tables. Also, the finishing of the wood can be done in many ways including the use of hand rubbed oil finish which gives the table a smooth and silky look all through.

Solid Sapele conference table

Sapele conference table is finely customized and crafted using the best and most durable hardwood on the market today. It is easy to work with the type of wood since it allows one to customize it in different styles and forms too. The features that can be added on the Sapele conference table include inlays and data ports.

All of the formentioned conference tables are reliable and durable conference tables and you can’t go wrong with either of them. They consist of the best hardwood materials that can be shaped and cut in different styles and shapes to customize according to the customers’ need and requirements. Make sure that the conference table is made by a reliable person to ensure the finishing and size are according to your needs.

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