4 Tips for Curb Appeal with a Purpose

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Regardless of whether you have plans to sell your home, curb appeal should remain top of mind. An attractive exterior signals to everyone who walks by, including those stopping in for a visit, that you’re a considerate home owner with good taste and an ambitious attitude. First impressions start, after all, the moment someone sees your home from the sidewalk.

4 Tips for Curb Appeal with a Purpose

But curb appeal, in and of itself, isn’t enough. You also want to know that the choices you make to your yard and home exterior have purpose beyond aesthetics. If you’re going to invest in curb appeal projects, there better be an added benefit, whether it be energy efficiency, security, functionality or environmental welfare. In this post, let’s take a look at four curb appeal projects you can undertake this spring that will pay dividends not just in appearance but in purpose as well!

Energy Efficiency: New Handmade Doors and Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade your curb appeal and make your home more energy efficient, look no further than the front door. Old entrance systems that include inefficient glass are subject to energy loss, which means that you wind up paying more to heat and cool your home. The same goes for windows. Windows and entrance systems containing glass with low emissivity (or Low e, as it’s often called), however, minimize energy loss while still allowing plenty of bright light to shine through. This is one of those curb appeal projects that, over time, pay just pay for itself!

Security: Outdoor Lights

Curb appeal doesn’t stop being a factor just because the sun’s gone down. Improve your home’s nighttime curb appeal, while simultaneously deterring any home security threats, by installing outdoor lights. These can include flood lights, which offer a wide coverage of light; spotlights, which illuminate specific features in the yard; or pathway lights, which light up the front walkway and give passersby a sense of exterior architecture.

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Maintenance: New Downspouts and Gutters

Downspouts and gutters are the unsung heroes of your home’s exterior. The best ones blend into the home so as to go unnoticed, while still performing the critical role of diverting water away from your home’s siding and foundation. Old gutters, therefore, fail your home for two reasons: they are unsightly, and they don’t work as they should. This article offers a handy guide to gutter replacement, whether you want to take it on as a DIY project or hire an expert.

Environment: A Pollinator-Friendly Garden

The bee population is dwindling. Fortunately, you can give these important creatures a lifestyle boost while improving your curb appeal by developing a pollinator-friendly garden. Research bee-friendly plants and then get started gardening. Sure, you might have a few more bees buzzing around the yard, but they’re generally harmless — don’t bug them, and they won’t bug you. Improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to be a single-minded pursuit of attractiveness. Follow these few, simple tips and your home exterior projects can solve two problems at once!

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