How to Create a Healthy Working Environment at Home

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The current pandemic and lockdowns have really thrown a wrench into the daily lives of workers. While some workplaces remain open, others are shut down, either laying their employees off or having them work from home. If you are an employee working from home, there are a few things that you have to consider with your work layout.

How to Create a Healthy Working Environment at Home

Is it arranged as optimally as it could be? Are you in a healthy working environment? All of these things are important to ask, as it can improve your daily life. Here are some tips on how you can create a healthier working environment at your home.

Standing Desks

If you are working from home, there is a good chance that you are not getting much exercise. You wake up, sit down at your desk for the day, then go back to bed. While you weren’t getting much exercise in at work either, there was still some time spent traveling to and from work where you had to use your legs.

A great way to create a healthy environment at work is to look into a standing desk. Standing desks are fantastic because they have been known to greatly improve your health while also burning extra calories each day. Using a standing desk is not nearly as bad as you might think either. You might wonder how high and low the desks can go, however. For example, an EZ shopper standing desk range to accommodate almost all heights. Most desks will lower to about 21 inches and then raise to 56 inches. This means that it can accommodate some of the tallest workers, and also gives you the choice to sit while you are working. There are no downsides to owning one of these desks as you can work however you feel. It is a great thing to have in your home for a healthy work environment. If you need some creative inspiration to get started, check out these cool home office desk ideas.

Create an Office Space

If you are working at home, you have to spend some time creating your own space that you can work in. The reality of the situation is that our homes are full of distractions, and if we do not do anything to avoid them, we will quickly fall behind in our work and start slacking. Find a room and set it up for your work. For best results, try to create a similar environment to the one that you had at work. This will remind your brain what you are supposed to be doing and will allow you to stay on task.

Soft Lighting

We have all seen the dreaded large white fluorescent light bulbs that almost every office uses. Long exposure to these lights can cause headaches and the lights generally look tacky. When you are at home, try to find lighting that will allow you to see what you are doing, but at the same time will not be too bright or distracting. One of the best sources of light would be a window. If that is not available, look for a small lamp. The goal is to use as little light as possible but still giving yourself the ability to see and work. It will greatly improve your working experience and will give your eyes and brain a rest from the standard work lighting.

How to Create a Healthy Working Environment at Home - working at home

Careful With Food Choices

At work, you have to bring in your own food and that is all you have for the day. At home, however, you have constant access to your fridge and cupboards, therefore giving you the ability to eat as much as you want. This can be dangerous for your health and the productivity of your work. Try to follow your work routine as much as possible and stick to that one lunch that you normally get. You will remain productive with your work while also remaining healthy.

Set a Time For Work

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that oftentimes scheduling is rather flexible. Employers don’t mind when you work, as long as you are giving them the hours that you owe. While it might be tempting to stay up late and work in the later hours, you can quickly throw your life and schedule out of whack this way. Try to sit to the standard work hours as best as possible, only making an exception when you absolutely need it. It will allow your work to stay healthy and productive.

These are all great ways to ensure that your home workplace is as healthy as possible. Working from home can be extremely distracting and difficult, therefore you have to take extra measures to ensure that you are always focused. What do you plan on doing to create a healthy working environment?

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