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Robberies, home emergencies, natural disasters, etc are not rare these days, and that’s why it’s important to have video documentation of your belongings. With a home inventory video, property owners have higher chances to win insurance claims. When you record all your home areas and items, you will be able to get a reasonable refund in case of loss or damage. Learn how to create a home inventory video with our simple guide.

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Creating a home inventory video seems tiresome and time-consuming. It may be so if you ignore some of the effective tips listed in the article. Read on and explore how to make a good inventory video fast and easily.

Top 5 Tips to Make a Home Inventory Video

Whether you own or rent an apartment, it’s essential to keep records of all your belongings, starting from kitchen utilities to precious items. Different situations may occur, and it’s better to be prepared to file an insurance claim successfully. We know how to make home inventory footage correctly and are ready to share useful tips with you.

#1 Prepare for Filming

Before you start the video documentation, you should create a plan of what you will shoot and how you will walk through the house. You should decide whether you will describe items while filming, add text to the video, or voice over. If you want to speak and shoot simultaneously, think about the text and sound quality. It’s obvious that you should clean the house and put all items in their places so that you don’t waste time seeking or don’t miss anything.

#2 Decide What Objects to Document

It’s recommended to think in advance about what items you will shoot and prepare a list. These should be the most important objects in your house. It’d be weird if you film ordinary clothes or plants. You should focus on recent purchases. Categorize your belongings, and don’t forget about serial and product numbers. Film your home inventory video in all big rooms as well as the basement, garage, attic, offsite storage, etc. Electronics, appliances, furnishings, phones, musical instruments, elements of art, and jewelry must be in your video.

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#3 Start Filming

A home inventory video should start with an introduction where you tell briefly who you are, what you will shoot, where, and why. Turn all the lists on, and open the doors, so that you can capture everything and move smoothly while filming. You can start the video with the large items and then show small subjects. Cont items while recording, announce the number, or write it in the video captions. Move slowly and focus on details, keeping in mind the filming plan and route.

#4 Edit Your Inventory Video

You can take a lot of footage, and it’s crucial to edit your video in a concise story. Firstly, find a high-quality video editing program with a straightforward interface and basic editing features. Then you can cut out parts of the video when you walk and don’t film anything. A voice-over feature will be a plus if you don’t want to speak while shooting. You can add text to the video with item descriptions, including such details as cost, quantity, brand, serial number, and more. Background music is not obligatory but would be good.

#5 Store Recordings Properly

And finally, you should keep your home inventory video in a safe place. These can be digital formats and physical copies. You should back up the video and upload it to cloud storage or an external hard drive. Use a free video resizer to store your recording on the phone, laptop, send friends, etc, so that the video is not stolen or destroyed. It’s recommended to save your receipts for expensive items in the form of a photo and store them with the video.


You will avoid a lot of stress if you make a home inventory video. These five pieces of advice will help you handle insurance claims properly. Film all important items in your home any time you buy something new or renovate a house. We wish you good luck and hope these tips will assist you in creating effective inventory footage.

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