How to create a better bathroom experience

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You probably don’t think about your bathroom very often as you go there to wash up and handle matters that are private. While this may be the case, have you ever thought about your bathroom experience? What do you feel when you enter your bathroom? How are your guests received when entering the powder room? Having a lush and comfortable bathroom is a nice way to demonstrate your wealth and how you feel about your home. A nice house with well kept rooms gives the impression that you are doing well and that you take good care of our home.
How to create a better bathroom experience

If you are stuck and are unsure of how you can create a better bathroom experience, this article will provide some tips.

Fix maintenance problems

When there is a maintenance problem in your bathroom, it is important that you tend to it quickly. If you are a handy person, you can research how to fix something that isn’t working properly, such as a toilet. There are a lot resources online with tips and tricks on how to fix your leaking toilet easily. On our site you can find other articles on how to maintain your bathroom and care for issues such as plumbing, drainage clogs, and toilet repairs. The sooner you fix your maintenance problems, the better off you will be so don’t let them fester for long or they could cause additional problems.


When you have a nice bathroom, you should decorate it with your personal style. Choose your favorite colors to use as a palate to decorate with. For example, if your favorite calming color is seafoam, consider painting the bathroom in that color. If you are not keen on painting, perhaps invest in some seafoam towels and rugs to spruce it up a bit. If you want to go one step further you could even make a DIY bathroom rug out of cobbles.

Get a nice and functional vanity

A nice vanity get lift up any bathroom and you should always build your design around your vanity. Choosing a bathroom vanity can be tricky but you can always check out our tips for finding a perfect bathroom vanity.

How to create a better bathroom experience - bathroom vanity

Good toilet paper is key

This may sound silly, but have you ever been to a really nice hotel or restaurant only to find out that their toilet paper is one ply or worse, feels coarse like sandpaper? Good toilet paper is expensive, but it is well worth the price that you pay for comfort. Investing in good toilet paper is a nice gesture whether it be for yourself and your family members, or for guests.

Offer a variety of soaps

Having a variety of soaps on hand is a smart move as it can make your guests feel welcome. Additionally, if your children suffer from dry skin or eczema during the cold, winter months, you will want to use soap made for sensitive skin. Having a variety of soaps on hand will ensure that you don’t have to run to the store to get new soap.

Use candles or wall flowers to make the bathroom smell great

This is important as nobody wants to enter a room that stinks. The bathroom is a room that can easily become unsavory so make sure that you have a candle burning or a wallflower plugged in at all times to ensure that you have the best smelling bathroom possible.

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