How Much Does It Cost to Repair Garage Door Spring?

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The garage door is an important part of our house. We use it to enter or egress the house. For adequate security, garage door is obvious. By using a remote, we can shut or open it from our car. However, as a result of many days of use, you may face some problems with your garage door. A commonly faced issue is with garage door springs. When you will notice that something suspicious is sounding and moving differently instead of smooth functioning. Generally, these problems arise from garage door springs. Then immediately you have to repair your garage door spring.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Garage Door Spring

This article will help you to know how much does it cost to repair the garage door spring and related keys.

The Cost of Garage Door Spring

Repairing of garage door springs may cost approximately $250. Either labour or materials may cost within $150-$350 including replacement of two springs. For a double garage door, you have to replace other components. You need to pay $500. Repairing a garage door spring commonly means replacement of spring. And this writing will mention the cost considering this point. Lubricating the garage door spring and balancing the garage door may cost only $50-$100. Materials like hardware, springs, brackets alone may run between $30-$200. Two springs may cost approximately $75-$150 with labour.

You have to understand that there are some simple equations. Most of the doors have two springs, these can not be repaired. So, you have to replace both of them. You can not perceive the breaking of the first one until the second one is broken. In some cases, if you perceive the breaking of the first one and replace it, then you have to replace the second one for balancing your garage door.

Replacement Cost

On average, garage door springs replacement might cost between $150-$350. Alone the spring may run between $30-$75 per. However, there are lower prices such as $15-$100 each. For commercial standard spring, this price may run $300. When you want to replace the garage door springs keep some points in your mind. Though, over time the garage door springs weaken and at last break, they might last approximately 10,000-20,000 cycles. When you notice that your garage door is malfunctioning then springs are the greater likely portion to break. Therefore, you need to replace it. There are two coils- torsion coils and extension coils.

Replacement Cost- Torsion Spring

We have mentioned before that there are two springs which are located over the garage door. They might last approximately 8-16 years, which depend on your use. Replacing torsion springs anywhere may cost between $75-$150 each spring. Labour and materials are included in this cost. Alone, the spring may run between $30-$100 (per spring).

Replacement Cost- Extension Spring

For extension spring, it may not last as a torsion spring. The projected life expectancy for extension spring is approximately 8,000-15,000 cycles. And projected life expectancy in years approximately 7-12. Extension spring may cost for per spring between $50-$100. Labour and materials are included in this cost. Alone, the spring may run between $15-$45 (per spring). This type of spring cost less than the former one as well as easy to install.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Garage Door Spring- repairing spring

Replacing Cable

Replacing cables are a result of replacing springs. Alone, the cables can charge between $75-$200, these are professional prices. The total cost may come to lower if you combine springs with cables. Though it isn’t necessary always, it might be needed to replace drums or rollers.

Repairing Cost of Broken Garage Door Spring

On average, broken garage door springs may tune-up between $100-$300. Repairing garage door springs refer to the replacement of garage door springs because you are unable to repair a garage door spring that is broken.

Tune Up Cost

Tune-up generally includes- when the garage door is beyond balance it is needed to synthesize the tension over a spring, lubricating, tighten loose nuts or screws, checking the roller, drums or cable feed. Your garage door springs should be tuned more than one time every year. For garage door tune-up you may pay anywhere approximately $50-$150.

Conversion Cost of Torsion Spring

Switching from extension springs towards torsion springs it may charge between $400-$800. A torsion transformation kit may run $250-$500. A professional usually remove the archaic extension springs and installs a completely new system.

New Spring Prices

In anywhere, springs alone may cost $15-$100. For other consultations, you may contact


Here, we have discussed how much does it cost to repair garage door springs. At the end of our writing, we want to advise that inspects your garage door springs more than two times a year. If you find any handicap in your garage door springs then repair it ASAP. Keep our above instructions in your mind before replacing your garage door springs.

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