Choosing the correct pest control supplier

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The presence of pests in your customer’s home or your home can be challenging to comprehend. To ensure that your reputation and health remain intact, it’s essential to take action straight away.

Choosing the correct pest control supplier

You must find a supplier who offers pest control products and understand how to choose the correct supplier.

Identify which pest is causing issues

First things first, you need to understand which pest is causing issues and posing risks to your health. Rats, mice, insects, birds and bugs all carry diseases that can be detrimental to your health. Furthermore, these pests can cause damage to a building and items inside if the infestation is left to run wild. To be clear, you should take pest control very seriously. Identify which pest is causing issues in order to purchase the correct products to stop the infestation in its tracks. Rodents and insects require different treatment techniques.

Choose your pest control supplier

Now that you know the pest causing issues, it’s time to choose the best pest control partner possible. You can search on Google to find a range of companies, but how do you know the best? First, you should look for accreditations on their website and if they offer detailed support with the products. For example, a pest control supplier like 1env has its trade associations listed at the bottom of the website.

Do your research as you want to find a supplier that offers all the products related to the pest you have identified and provides a level of support that will help you complete the job. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable completing the job, you can always call a pest control professional to take care of it.

Is the pest control supplier insured?

You should also check if the pest control supplier has all of the correct insurance details. Selling professional rodenticides and pesticides to the public is often frowned upon, and many companies won’t sell professional equipment without proof of accreditation. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase amateur use poisons and equipment or get yourself accredited.

Suppose you’ve found the products you need but cannot purchase them due to the insurance restrictions. We recommend you contact a professional pest control company to complete the work; after all, they’ll be adequately insured to use the poison and are more likely to resolve the pest problem for good.

Choosing the correct pest control supplier - cockroaches

Contact and ask questions

By now, you should identify the products you need and the pest control supplier that you will use. The next step would be to give them a call and ask questions about your pest issue. Describe the nature of the problem and what products they would recommend. You need to be confident in the company if they are going to become your new supplier.

Understand what you’re buying

Rodenticides and pesticides are essential tools used in pest management, but they are considered toxic due to what they do. They can cause extensive damage to animals, humans and environments when used by amateurs. Furthermore, there is more chance that the products won’t be effective if the wrong treatment approach is used. To reduce this risk, we recommend thoroughly reading the labels and learning about the different ingredients, where you can use them and where you can’t use them. If that fails, please contact a professional pest control company to carry out the work.

Next steps

The final decision of which route you go down can have a lot to do with how severe the infestation is and if your family or friends are at risk. DIY solutions are cheaper if you perform the treatment right the first time, but often that does not happen. So think about it before purchasing your products; it may be cheaper in the long run to hire a professional.

Once the pests are gone, it will restore your reputation as a professional handyman, and you’ll have a happy home. A pest-free home is a comfortable home, and now all that is left is to go back to your original handyman role.

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