How To Convert A Room In Your Home Into A Perfect Place For Basketball 

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Are you a basketball fan interested in becoming a player but can think of a handful of reasons why you can’t play? Don’t let lack of space to practice be one of your reasons. Did you know that there is a way you can convert a space within your own home into a mini-court? With global lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an at-home court is the perfect solution. You no longer need to worry about the concerns of courts being open due to lockdowns, risk of contamination, or weather issues.

How To Convert A Room In Your Home Into A Perfect Place For Basketball - room

Making your own home indoor court allows for you to practice in the comfort of your own environment and eliminates several risks. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading as this will explain how to go about implementing the perfect basketball court home conversion.

Pick the Right Hoop

When you think of a basketball court setup, your first thought is likely the hoop. This factor is very much needed to create the perfect playing environment. You do not need to feel overwhelmed when beginning your search for the perfect hoop to fit. There are many basketball hoop types, as can be browsed on the list of reviewed indoor basketball hoops compiled by Iron City Showdown. However, you have to consider a few factors when it comes to choosing the right hoop for you and your home. These might include height adjustability, convenience to pack away and store, portability, weather durability, price, etc. Take a look and see what suits your home, specifications, and game-style.

Bright Lights

Consider the other aspects of the environment in which you choose to play, such as the lighting. If you imagine a typical court, there is usually bright, warm lighting within the arena. This concept should be similar in the space you use. Poorly-lit, dark spaces will hinder the ease of your game. Look for rooms with ample natural light, without a glare, or artificial lighting that is bright enough for you to see clearly but not put a strain on your eyes. If this is not available in your home, you can easily and affordably purchase a ceiling, wall-mounted, or standing bright light to brighten up your space.

How To Convert A Room In Your Home Into A Perfect Place For Basketball

Level Floor Surface

Look at the flooring within your home. Ideally, you want to avoid rooms where there are uneven surfaces, carpets, or varied floor coverings. You need to find a space where the floor is even and there is no risk of you stumbling over carpets, cables, clutter, or wonky floorboards. An ideal surface would be linoleum or concrete. Is it an option to level out the ground by laying a concrete slab somewhere on your premises? If you have or are able to create the right space (and obtain permission), such as in your garage, you could even use masking tape on the floor to demarcate different areas of the court.

If you are a basketball fan and/or player and you are considering creating a space to play the game at home, look no further. There are simple and affordable steps to make a simple space within your home, a space for playing the game you love. Feel safe and comfortable in the convenience of your own home while enjoying a game of pick-up whenever you may feel like it.

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