What Are the Things That You Should Know About the Conversion of Decimal to Fraction?

At the time of converting a decimal to fraction, people need to be clear about both of the concepts of decimal as well as fraction because different kinds of operations have to be performed in the whole process. In terms of computers the decimal numbers will be the numbers will be having the base of 10 but in the world of mathematics, this will be a number that will include a dot or a point of decimal into it. Basically, this will be nothing but it will be the fraction with the denominator as 10 or multiples of 10 so that decimal point can be perfectly included in the numbers.

What Are the Things That You Should Know About the Conversion of Decimal to Fraction

On the other hand, the fractions are considered to be a part of the whole number which can be denoted as the ratio of two numbers in the form of the numerator over the denominator where both A and B will be the integers. The two numbers will be known as the numerator as well as the denominator and a very basic example is the 1/2 where one is the numerator and two is the denominator. There are different types of fractions for example mixed, improper, proper and various other options. The best benefit is that people can perform arithmetic operations on such fractions very easily.

What is the process of converting the decimal to fraction?

  1. It is very much important for the people to write the given decimal in the form of the ratio of P/Q where the denominator will be equal to 1
  2. Now people need to multiply the numerator and the nominator by multiples of 10 for every decimal point so that the decimal and the numerator becomes a whole number and the decimal point can be perfectly adjusted.
  3. Now people simply can find the result in fractions very easily.

As a very basic example, take 0.25 and now add the denominator one over it and multiply it by hundred and divide by hundred. Now the answer will come out to be 1/4 which is in the form of a fraction. In the cases of converting decimal to fraction people also need to convert the usual decimal number to a fraction with a very easy method but to convert this concept can be a very lengthy task because of the recurring numbers and presence of several operations throughout the process. One can also depend upon utilisation of the decimal fraction table for different kinds of values can be easily available which can directly be utilised in the cases of mathematical calculations very efficiently which will further make sure that overall goals will be easily achieved. Also indulging in proper practising of such things is very much important so that people can fulfil their overall goals very efficiently and or able to solve different kinds of questions or tasks when building things without any kind of problem.

What Are the Things That You Should Know About the Conversion of Decimal to Fraction - example

The writing of decimals into big fraction form is another very important skill to be mastered by the students so that they can solve the questions very easily. Apart from this being clear about the concept of converting the decimal into fraction and fraction to decimal is another very important thing to be undertaken by the kids so that they can have a good command over the chapter of decimals and fractions in mathematics which will further allow them to make different kinds of decisions and ensure that overall goals of solving the questions and scoring well will be efficiently achieved.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points the kids also need to enroll themselves on platforms like Cuemath where they will be taught by experts and every query will be paid proper attention through the Live classes which will further make sure that kids will be able to boost their existing confidence and will be able to master the skill of mathematics very efficiently without any kind of extraordinary efforts which will allow them to score well in exams.

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