Comparison of Stress Level Among Traditional, Non-Traditional & Online Learning

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Student life doesn’t matter if school or college, brings stress if study is going through any kind of issues. This article is about understanding the perceived stress of students between traditional learning and online learning. Both types of learning have their own pros and cons so we need to discuss that difference. Online teaching has given a new life to the students whose educational career was about to get destroyed during COVID-19 pandemic but as it also required some hard work and hard work brings stress too. Even NCAA approved online course providers are working to make students aware of the possible stress in online learning. For online teaching teachers use many online teaching apps like Mobile teacher app. Any online teaching app, whether it was a mobile teacher app or any other, facilitated a lot of the misguided studies of students during pandemic.

Comparison of Stress Level Among Traditional, Non-Traditional & Online Learning

Traditional education had its own merits and demerits and that used to impose stress accordingly. The biggest stress giving matter of traditional education was time management. Students had to get up early in the morning to complete their daily routine, then get to the school in time or had to endure punitive action for breaking punctuality rules. Then students have to be attentive in the class as it was face to face interaction and one can’t escape if any mischief happened. They had to take their lunch under a certain period of time and then they had to get back to their studies. After reaching home students had to complete their homework in time and if not done in time it will be added to the next course of homework and again the same routine. This traditional schedule of students was so hectic that they used to lose their patience level and also their interest was diminishing in their studies too. It has been seen that mostly traditionally educated students are inclined towards stress. For example, few boards of education conduct a combined exam of intermediate 1st year and 2nd year together and students have to prepare such a huge course material for their exams.

Now let’s understand the stress level of students from non-traditional backgrounds at the graduate level. The most common stress giving source of non-traditional students is that these students have to raise a family, they have to do full time jobs. Non-traditional students are making a comeback to education due to various reasons among which the main reason is that they are trying to give an extension to their educational capabilities, increase their self-esteem, to escape boredom of their old career and seek new career opportunities. Non-traditional student life is full of stress as compared to traditional. Some common stressors are employment demands, time management, financial problems, academic workload, and family responsibilities etc. It is seen that mostly undergraduate students go through 3 types of factors regarding stress- performance in college, race to top the college and future plans of post-graduation.

Comparison of Stress Level Among Traditional, Non-Traditional & Online Learning - online learning

Now if we talk about students whether in school or colleges, whether in high school or in graduation if they are studying online then they enjoy a full-time study with lots of facilities as compared to traditional. They don’t have to spend money on transport to go to school or college at all, they just have to stay at home and study online with a computer or laptop. But they have to go through some tough situations which give them stress all the time. They lack that special bond with the tutor which they used to make while face-to-face interaction in the classroom, being habitual to a virtual world all the time in the name of online learning they almost get away from the knowledge of in person interaction.

Regarding these stressful situations, any kind of learning teacher needs to assess the students and find out what is bothering them. Ignoring such sensitive topics brings desperation among students and they get away from studies and their interest for learning gets diminished. Teachers need to conduct various tests and methodologies to help students come out of their stress level. That’s why even in online classes also tutors perform various types of activities and tests which clarify the stress level of students so that their issues can be resolved and they can enjoy the wonderful garden of online learning and its knowledge

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