Top 5 Tips for Comparing Auto Shipping Companies

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You have just bought your dream car, or you have moved to a different state, but now you are concerned about the car transfer. Whatever the situation may be, you want your car shipped to your destination safely. There are several great car shipping companies that you can choose from.

Top 5 Tips for Comparing Auto Shipping Companies

Figuring out which car shipping company best fits your needs can be a daunting task. Before you settle for a company, you first have to compare several companies to make an informed choice. All auto shipping companies sell the same general service. That is why it is important to gain a deeper understanding of what each company has to offer. What do you look out for when comparing auto shipping companies?

Shipping Safety

Don’t be quick to settle for an auto shipping company that guarantees the lowest price. When it comes to auto shipping, lower costs do not necessarily guarantee safety. You would rather choose a company that charges slightly more, but it has invested in modern equipment and carriers. Do your research to find out if the company is also legit. You don’t want to hand over your car to a suspicious company that may never deliver your car.

Deal With Direct Carriers

In the vehicle transport business, there are direct carriers and brokers. Direct carriers are the main shipping companies that ship vehicles from one location to the other. On the other hand, brokers offer the same service but work with a third-party transport company to do the transporting. Be careful not to deal with a broker. Most brokers make a deal with the lowest bidder to make more profits. Before signing a shipping contract, confirm that the auto shipping company has its drivers and vehicles.

Read the Reviews

Legitimate auto shipping companies have websites that contain all their information. Such companies allow their customers to post reviews about their services, whether good or bad. Checking reviews about a company should be part of your research. If you cannot find some on the company’s website, you can check on consumer advocacy sites or Google. Read reviews from people who have worked with the company. Be careful of companies that only post positive reviews.

Check for Additional Costs

When inquiring about auto shipping, most companies will send a quotation stating their prices. The amount varies depending on the distance and the type of car they will transport. Don’t just settle for the final amount. Ask if there are any additional charges, such as insurance coverage costs. If a company is avoiding your questions or giving sketchy answers, that should raise a red flag. Scrutinize every detail of the contract before signing it. You don’t want to get a final invoice showing a higher amount than the one you agreed to. Also, for the safety of your car, confirm if the company is willing to cover the repair costs if the car gets damaged under their care.

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Payment Agreement

Reputable auto shipping companies, like Road runner car shipping, do not ask for a down payment before delivering. Instead, they ask for payment when your car is delivered to you safely. Confirm and agree on the mode of payment, which can be through postal money order, cashier’s check, credit card, or cash. If you are using a credit card, confirm that the company has set up safety measures to ensure your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

How to Get Your Car Ready for Shipment

There are things you need to do before handing your car to an auto shipping company. First, ensure you remove all your personal belongings or personal information. Inspect the interior and exterior of your entire car. If there is any damage, make sure you note it down, including the mileage on the odometer. You should also take photos for proof. Before handing over the car, ensure the car has enough fuel and top off any other fluids required. Some companies include a free car wash after arriving at the destination since cars can get dirty during transit.


When searching for an auto shipping company, it is tempting to pick one that is near you. Choose a company that has a solid foundation in the auto shipping business. Your car is a valuable asset, so you should be willing to spend extra cash as long as you get the best services. Going for the cheapest auto shipping is a mistake. You get what you pay for. To make the best choice, you can ask your family or friends to assist in the decision-making. You can ask them to give you a recommendation if any of them has ever needed such services before.

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