Most Common Problems with your Wooden Floors and How to Fix Them

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If you have wooden flooring at your home then I am sure you’re more familiar with the problems of the wooden floors, such as deep discoloration, bumps, and grooves, pitting, the only way to return the floor to its original splendor is with a sander for drum floors.

Most Common Problems with your Wooden Floors and How to Fix Them

Here is the list of most common problems by the wooden flooring and their solutions:


Cracks are the most frequent cause of complaints regarding wood floors, and in recent years this problem has been seen more often by the pastel and white finishes that tend to make the normal cracks look much larger than with earth tones or natural finishes.

Taking into account that in the hot months inside the residences the climate is drier, the wooden floors will dry and shrink slightly and some “fine” cracks will appear. It is very important to remove those cracks before become a major issue.

Defects in the work

While installing the floors always check the humidity of the surface, because if at the time of installing the floor was too wet the floor will expand immediately after installation, and drying will cause the contraction of the floor and the appearance of cracks.

Use of low quality material

It can happen that when the floor was made, the wood was not properly dry or low quality material was used, so it is very important to check the quality of the material used. You can use wood with 12% humidity, it will naturally shrink to the normal range for the environment that is between 6 and 9% humidity, which will leave cracks between the tables.

Surface with dimples

Surface with dimples is the most common wooden flooring issue caused by an uncovered heels or dropping something sharp on the floor. No matter how the hard surface is uncovered surface uncovered heels can really affect your surface.

Most Common Problems with your Wooden Floors and How to Fix Them - dimples

To each of them a professional can give you an adequate solution and recover your floor, the important thing is not to despair and resort to hasty or temporary methods, always consult a professional before taking any action.

Grinding floors

Floor grinding is the best way to protect your wooden floors but some times excessive floor grinding could also affect the wooden flooring. It can weaken the floor woods and can lead to noise. The noise explained as it is the result of things that rub when moving, almost always when walking on the affected area of ​​the floor. You can treat it with help of flooring tools such as drum sander and when used together, concrete grinding and polishing can result in a smooth, striking surface that resembles polished stone.

Typical tablet

The main reason for this problem is that the laminate floor was not left with enough space to expand on the walls or door frames. Generally these fractures and must be repaired by cutting off the necessary expansion space and replacing or gluing the deteriorated joints.

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