Common Plumbing Problems that are Often Unavoidable

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Plumbing problems are, unfortunately, often unavoidable. Thankfully, however, many of the most unavoidable plumbing problems are simply resolved. That said, their easy resolvability does not detract from how irritating it can be when we discover that our plumbing has gone awry. For larger problems, some of which we will mention on this page, you should consult a plumber, but for smaller, more insignificant ones, you can likely resolve them yourself. Plumbing costs can seem extortionate sometimes, but don’t let that tempt you to bodge your own plumbing. It’ll cost you a lot more in the long run, we assure you.

Common Plumbing Problems that are Often Unavoidable

In this article, we will tell you a few common plumbing problems that are, sadly, often unavoidable. We will also hope to tell you a few solutions to the simpler problems of this list while leaving the more complex problems to the professionals. Here are common plumbing problems that are often unavoidable. Let’s get started.

Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks seem to strike at the worst time. You’re washing your face, the door goes so you go to answer it when you return water is overflowing from your sink and flooding your bathroom. Yes, most of us have been there. This is a very common problem and is one that can occur for a number of reasons. Usually, this occurs because of a build-up of waste in the pipes. Blocked sinks can be resolved by using a plunger, a pipe hoover, or for tougher blocks, acid [which we do actually recommend you leave to a trained professional].

Toilet Blockages

Just like our sinks are prone to blockage, so too are our toilets. The problem with this, however, is that toilet blockages can be caused by blocks much further down the drainage system, which can be a big problem. A newspaper in Southern California reported, only months ago, that there was a huge rise in drain blockages owing to the hordes of toilet paper Californians were purchasing in the wake of the initial COVID lockdown restrictions. Thankfully, however, you can, according to a plumber in Sylmar CA, contact plumbers out of hours, and many offer twenty-four-hour relief services. If your toilet does become blocked, there is a solution, so don’t fret.

Bathroom Leaks

Leaks can occur for a number of reasons in your bathroom, with the most common being caused by breaks or holes in the pipework that runs through your bathroom. These holes can occur as pipes begin to rust over time, but thankfully, despite the damage that may be caused, this is easily resolvable. It is, however, a job for a plumber, so do not attempt to mend your pipes yourself, for you could cause bigger problems.

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Water Leaking Downstairs

This point only applies if you live in an apartment block, but it is a problem that can be absolutely disastrous. If you notice a leak occurring from above you, your upstairs neighbor’s shower, bath, sink, or toilet could be leaking. The most common cause for this occurring, and the most easily solvable, is that the bath or shower silicone has not been applied properly and that water from the appliance is leaking onto the concrete ceiling, filtering through, and causing damp patches to occur. Over time, these damp patches will cave in and your ceiling will collapse.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet can be very annoying. We’ve likely all had to deal with them, too. If you turn your tap on and water sprays out of the taps handle itself, you have a faucet leak. Many people, unsurprisingly, ignore them, and do not have them fixed. They can, however, be fixed quite easily. They need only be taken out and screwed back in, usually. If this is not possible, then replacing the faucet could work, but if you do not have plumbing expertise, you may want to leave this to a trained plumber.

Mould, Damp, and Mildew

Mould, damp, and mildew, while not a plumbing problem per se, is still a bathroom issue worth discussing, and a serious one at that. Mould can make you very unwell and if you have allergies can cause your life at home to become insufferable. Mould, dampness, and mildew can be easily solved, however. We recommend spraying a vinegar and water solution directly onto the patch, scrubbing it off, then letting it air dry. If, however, you notice black mold, you mustn’t go near it. There are many types of black mold, many harmless, some very harmful. It’s best to let a professional deal with these. With the help of this page, you now know a few common plumbing problems and the solution for some of them. Plumbing problems can be an absolute nightmare, but thankfully, most can be resolved.

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