Common Plumbing Challenges That Can Be Fixed Through Brisbane Pipe Relining

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Did you know that an average household can waste up to 9400 gallons of water every year? You can now tell how sometimes you get crazy water bills, which make life harder. You may also find it hard getting those drops you need water the most. The biggest challenge is that some of these water problems go undetected most of the time. You will most likely note that there is a problem when that huge comes your way. The plumber will also dig into your pockets, but you do not have any other option.

Common Plumbing Challenges

The following are some of the major plumbing challenges in a typical home:

Slow draining sink

You can have several sinks in your home. Some of the most common places where you will find a sink are a kitchen, the bathroom, and any other place where people can wash their hands. The interior of such sinks can collect debris and dirt over time and cause blockages. Think about the hairs that fall of while you are showering and the waste food that finds its way into your sink during cleaning. This debris will slow the flow of liquids through such sinks and lead to a major plumbing problem. There are special tools that you can use to pressurize the debris down the drain. A good example is a plunger that does not need any special training to use. You can as well remove the pop-up, clean it, and then fix it back. You can as well get an expert to fix the issue.

Discolored pipes

This is a problem that you can detect through observation. The presence of discolored pipes might indicate a small leak or the presence of moisture around such pipes. Failure to fix such a problem might end up eating up the pipes and lead to more leakages. Inspect the drains to establish the source of discoloration. The approach of fixing such an issue will vary depending on the material used to make the drains. You can then repaint the pipes and other areas affected by discoloration to protect such drains from rusting.

Weak water flow

You may have noted weak water flow in multiple locations across your home. If the water flow is weak in only one area, then you can easily fix it. However, if it is the former, then know that you are dealing with a bigger challenge. You may even make endless calls to your water supply company to inquire if there is an issue with the water connection. Some of the issues that may lead to such a challenge include a leak or blockage within the main supply.

Common Plumbing Challenges - clogged pipe

A green patch in the yard

You may be inspecting your yard only to come across a greener patch than the rest. What should come to your mind is the potential of a possible leak within your sewerage line. The sewer line could be between your house and the street, and finding a green patch indicates a leak. You may also note sunken areas within your compound as these additional fluids makes the dirt around them to compact. Invasive tree roots or degrading materials could have caused the silent damage to the pipes.

Hot water challenges

Your water heater, as well as the hot shower, may fail at some point. Corrosion and rust are some of the issues to check when you have such a challenge. Hard water that comes through the drains has various materials that build up over time. An expert is the best-suited person to inspect such a challenge as you are dealing with electrical and water challenges, leading to serious injuries.

Sewer odor

Air pollution is one of the main challenges for humans to deal with in the modern era. A typical drain has a trap, and a vent must accompany that trap. The traps are designed to prevent the odor or gases from getting into your home from the sewer line. A vent takes these gases to the roof. On the other hand, the drains create a water plug that protects the gases from venting into your house. The presence of odors in your home indicates dry taps, broken vents, or traps. Pipe relining is the perfect solution to get the pipes flowing again. Some of the factors to check on while hiring a Brisbane pipe relining company include reliability, quality of service, and team experience. The beauty of this approach is that you do not have to reinstall your drain system. The ideal team should ensure that they will not create more problems while attempting to fix your drains.

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