5 Common HVAC Problems Homeowners Deal With

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Being a homeowner is hard work. There are many little things that you need to keep track of and maintain. With so many issues that may arise in your home, how do you know what you should prioritize? One of the areas in your home that needs to be kept up to prevent significant issues is your HVAC system. The heating and air system in your home keeps your home running smoothly as well as your family healthy. It is also the system in your home that might provide the most trouble.

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If you’ve been having HVAC problems, it’s time to see if it’s something that can be fixed easily. Below you will find 5 common problems and how to fix them.

1. A Pool of Water Near the Unit

Oftentimes, homeowners will find a small pool of water near their unit that indicates that something isn’t right with their air conditioner or furnace. When this happens, a heating and cooling professional can be called to diagnose the problem. Condensation from these units can be normal; however, if it is in excess, there may be deeper problems that need to be looked at and taken apart.

2. Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

There are many reasons that a pilot light may not be staying lit. One of those reasons could be that the ignition needs a good cleaning. Having these problems looked at could result in an easy fix, or something may need to be replaced within your system.

3. Filters Need Changing

Keeping your filters up to date and clean is something that has to be done regularly. Not only is this the key to your units lasting a long time, but it also keeps everyone in the home safe from sickness. Keep on top of regularly having your filters changed and your inspection appointments maintained.

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4. Thermostat Isn’t Reading Correctly

The thermostat in your home can be a real problem when they don’t show the accurate temperature in your home. With many different options for your thermostat, it is important to always read up before making your final decision. Look at all reviews and be sure that it is the right model for your home.

5. Fuses and Breakers Blowing

If the fuses and breakers are constantly going out with your unit, it may signify that the unit is too big or that it’s time for a replacement. These things should not happen every time you put on the heat or the air. Your home HVAC system may need a replacement sooner rather than later. One of the best products to look into could be Goodman electric furnaces for your next purchase.

Fix Those HVAC Problems Today

Common HVAC problems can be a pain for any homeowner. Luckily, there are simple fixes to a few of these issues. Use these tips to try and fix them on your now before taking the time to call a professional for further help. Looking for more handy tips to use around your home? Take a look through our articles and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

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