Types of Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables: Choosing the Best Option

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When it comes to the selection of commercial equipment for your food establishment, including a stainless steel kitchen table, there are lots of things to consider. Arrangement of space in the busy kitchens must comply with ergonomic requirements, the room must have enough storage capacity, all items should be in the right places, and no unnecessary items and objects should prevent your staff from excellent performance.

Types of Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables

How you organize the space will impact the productivity of your restaurant or cafe, the time to get restaurant supplies, the time that will be spent on preparing and serving meals, and generally on your success. One of the core principles of catering business thriving is the durable, highly-cleanable, versatile, and hard-wearing equipment that meets the food safety code.

Stainless steel kitchen tables models and top picks of most business owners

Stainless steel tables come in a multitude of configurations and with extra accessories. Making your pick, you must take into account the other furniture and tools that you want to acquire and install. Then, purchasing the stainless steel kitchen table with outstanding resistance properties that will serve for years without losing its quality will be a straightforward objective. Here are the main types of tables from which you can choose the one that best suits your business needs:

  • enclosed base commercial work tables with or without doors and upturn for adding storage space;
  • work tables with wire under-shelves for better ventilation of stored products;
  • open base commercial work table for locating a waste bin under it;
  • prep table with a solid under-shelf for convenient placing the most frequently-used utensils, products, appliances;
  • tables with backsplash for protecting your walls from dirt, staining, mildew, or fungus growth due to excessive moisture, splashes, and drips;
  • stainless steel table with casters and adjusted legs for better mobility, flexibility in moving, and facilitating the cleaning and floor washing routine.

As you can see an array of options is available for your restaurant. To boost efficiency and keep the space neat and organized, you can also consider investing in a mounted over-shelf.  Thus, you can keep all essential supplies within the reach and simplify food prep processes. Edge types are also one of the key considerations. If you want to install two or more tables next to each other, then only alternatives with squared-off or flat edges will satisfy your goal.

Types of Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables - table

If hygiene is a top priority, then the rounded edge will be easier to maintain. If you own a bakery or your restaurant has the dough and baked goods on your menu, then think about a wood top work table rather than stainless steel. And even if wood material is more susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations, and it is easy to scratch, probably, it is still an ideal choice for baking. In any other case, only a stainless steel kitchen table can deliver superior quality.

If the options listed above still do not help you to deal with storage space issues, then a metal equipment stand is an indispensable assistant where personnel can hold nearly everything, from products to microwave ovens, slicers, juicers, mixers, and other bulky and heavy objects without which it won’t be impossible to implement daily restaurant tasks. In the AmGoodSupply catalog, you will find top-rated long-lasting equipment at affordable prices.

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    Thank you for explaining some of the different kinds of tables you can have in your kitchen. My friend has been thinking about outfitting her kitchen with some stainless steal tables and maybe some shelves for organization. It seems like there will be lots of options for her so that she can maximize her chances to organize her space well.