Doors: The Basics of Commercial Door Repair in Brevard County

Repairing commercial doors refers to the act of restoring a door to its original functionality after it has sustained damage. Brevard County, FL businesses and homeowners alike rely on the ability of their doors to provide protection in every sense of the word. In fact, keeping a door well- maintained is essential if you want to ensure it offers proper protection.

The Basics of Commercial Door Repair

And there are several routine tasks you can perform to take care of your commercial door.

Ensure All Tracks are Clear

Inspect the tracks on either side of your commercial door and make sure they are free of debris and rust. You should also use a level to confirm that the tracks are aligned upright. Although it’s possible to make minor adjustments on your own, any track alignment that requires major adjustments should be left to a professional door repair technician to avoid any further damage.

Make Sure all Moving Parts are Well-Lubricated

Your commercial door is made of numerous moving components. Ensuring that those components are properly lubricated will reduce the stress on the door rollers and opener, and increase their lives. Make a point of applying penetrating lubricant on the rollers and hinges at least two times every year. Before you apply any lubricant, make sure you first wipe the parts dry.

Inspect the Cables and Pulley System

There are cables and pulleys that link the springs to the door. You should make a point of checking them regularly as part of your maintenance schedule. Commercial door repair experts usually advise homeowners against attempting to repair or replace cables and springs on their own because they are high tension components and pose the risk of injury. If you happen to detect any broken strands on the cables or damage to the rollers, call a commercial door service technician to help you.

The Basics of Commercial Door Repair - repairing

Tighten all Loose Bolts

A typical commercial door will move hundreds of times every year during it’s use. Due to the repetitive motions, impact, and vibrations, the nuts and bolts can loosen up over time. Inspect the brackets connecting the door tracks and the opening unit to the framing. In case you detect any loose bolts, you can use an appropriate spanner to tighten them up.

Inspect the Door’s Balance

A commercial door that is not balanced properly can exert undue stress on the opener. Consequently, its lifespan will be compromised. The springs should keep the door balanced properly while ensuring only a few pounds of force is required to lift it up. A door is an essential part of any commercial or residential setting. If a door is not installed correctly or is otherwise faulty, it could lead to safety concerns and the intrusion of costly pests like termites, which can spread at a rapid pace. The same applies to commercial door repair in Brevard County. Do not overlook commercial door repair and maintenance because it could be costly in the long-term. Besides conducting routine maintenance and repairs, you should contact a technician with experience and a proven track record in commercial door repair in Brevard County the instant you detect a potentially major problem.

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