Commercial Construction Company Industry: Top 5 Innovative Trends

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Science and technology are advancing, breaking through various spheres of human life, career and industry. Innovative technologies which improve processes, methods, and services are being discovered with recent breakthroughs that have altered the industrial and commercial building industry.

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Recent improvements in construction; automated smart buildings that are very user-friendly to the building of structures that can generate electricity on-site using wind and solar power, the adaptation of technology is now a fast-paced trend in the construction industry, and the top 5 of them are discussed in this article.

1. Clean and Renewable Energy

Various goals of the 17 SDGs by the United Nations like SDGs 7, 6, and 11, affordable and clean energy, clean water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities, respectively, can be achieved with this advancement. Most commercial general contractors in Calgary employ this technology using more clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal. Layout improvements make heating and cooling more affordable. Commercial property owners may also benefit because the cost of generating power on-site is reduced. Buildings are also becoming more environmentally friendly; this trend proves to be more affordable and sustainable than conventional building design.

2. Pre-fabricated Construction

Another development reshaping the commercial construction sector is the pre-fabrication of building components off-site. Multiple factory-made components are made off-site, transported, and delivered at a predetermined time to the permanent site to be assembled on-site to form the complete building. The construction and assembling techniques offer greater safety and efficiency over traditional construction methods, which involve building facilities one at a time. It also lessens the possibility of problems that could slow down work or prolong project completion.

3. Construction Time Keeping Software

Construction time management software is an innovative trend in the construction company industry that can help you better manage your time and resources. A GPS time tracker gives you real-time location information so you can see where everyone is and make informed adjustments to each crew member’s assignment. This can help you avoid unnecessary delays and improve communication between team members. In addition, a time tracking app with GPS can help you track and record employee hours, expenses, and project progress. This information can be invaluable in ensuring that your construction projects are on time and on budget. By using construction software, you can be sure that your team is safe and that your project is on schedule.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

This innovation shows a live view of the existing environment and the product of whatever change that would occur after construction is done. This technology is fairly accurate and saves time and resources. Owners of commercial projects are now able to make better judgments because of these visualization techniques; commercial construction firms are also able to offer clients a more thorough overview of various layouts and design possibilities.

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5. Building Information Modeling BIM

BIM technology solves the problem of variation in building plans that might come as a result of various experts working on a project. Traditionally building planning and design is a collaborative process that calls for input from numerous stakeholders, including engineers, architects, builders, and clients, among others. This traditional approach makes it challenging to see changes as they happen in real-time while each person works on their aspect of the project, causing change to the original plan, and this issue is resolved by modern BIM technologies. It provides users access to a central database and lets them collaborate on a single shared model. These technologies increase overall workflow effectiveness by detecting conflicts early on.

6. Smart and Mobile Integrated Technology

Modern commercial construction methods give residents more control over their surroundings through the use of integrated systems and technologies. For an intending property owner coming from the suburbs to a city like Alberta, the extensive selection of automation and building control options that commercial general contractors in Calgary may offer often comes as a surprise.

By integrating mobile and digital technology, smart buildings provide improved flexibility and adaptability to enhance any of the following; access and security on-site, luxury to regulate and manage their climate, and on-site communications. Modern commercial construction methods give inhabitants more control over their surroundings through the use of integrated systems and technologies.

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