Why Cleaning Your Gutters Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List

While a great many people still put stock in the old wives’ tale that it is best to schedule your gutter cleaning for the early spring, so as to prepare for the heavy rains that will be soon to come, the truth is that it’s never the wrong time or an inopportune time to clear them of the debris that just seems to accumulate during these changeable Cincinnati seasons.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List

Honestly, there are so many reasons to get your gutters regularly cleared out, including a great many really serious issues that we hardly ever even think about. One of the reasons your gutters are so important to the integrity of your home is that they are responsible for running the rainwater and other waste water away from your home. By being so closely tied to your home’s plumbing, they are also responsible, at least in part, for how well insulated it is. Keep reading for the low down on how to keep your home safe and well insulated throughout any and all weather conditions, and learn more about why gutter cleaning in Cincinnati is helping people to protect their homes in a better, not to mention more sustainable way.

One of the ways that keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves or accumulated debris is good for your home is that it is integral to the structural stability. One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. A gutter that is clogged with dead leaves and other junk will let rainwater spill over and get on the roof. The roof can suffer from water damage, or just rot away. The overflowing water can seep into the wood, or shingles of your roof and rot it out from the inside, making a very surreptitious foe to keeping your home in its tip top shape.

Another reason why it is of paramount importance to keep your gutters clean is that nothing is more enticing to pests or other little examples of wildlife than a bed of nice, warm clogged leaves. It may not be bad to see little squirrels scampering to and fro, or hear birds whistle their little tune in the morning, but I am sure they can find much safer, and less harmful to your home than in your clogged gutters. Unfortunately, neglected gutters are a prime spot for these little critters to make a nest. Just like small creatures that would be cute if they weren’t so close, pests like clogged gutters as well. Mosquitoes, for example, establish a breeding ground where there is stagnant water. A gutter full of sodden leaves is like the best nursery they could imagine. Similarly, termites enjoy easy access to water and prefer if a bit of their job is already done, so they will find the rotted bits of your roof quite easily.

You know what gutters do right? They are used to direct waste-water away from your home. If they aren’t kept clear, water can seep back into the foundation of your home. In this climate, winter is no joke, so the water can freeze and expand, causing little cracks in your foundation. Even if they are very small, this is one of the worst places for them, and it’s imperative to get and keep gutters clean if you notice them.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List - cleaning gutters from the ground

While not all damage from clogged gutters is as bad as these, they can be just as annoying and fixing them can cost a lot of money, money that I’m sure you can put to better use than a home repair. If you have possession of a green thumb, or are an avid gardener you know how important it is not to give your flower beds and other plants too much water. In fact, we know that too much water can be just as harmful as not giving your plants enough water. Just as clogged gutters can cause water to spill over onto your roof, it can cause the water to go in the opposite direction and cascade off of your roof, watering the waiting, albeit already overfed plants below.

In the same way, if your gutters are clogged to the point they are letting water out, the brackets holding them up may be overburdened. Just as the cost of redoing your landscaping efforts is prohibitive, so are the brackets. Yes, they are just little pieces of metal, but they all do a really important job, keeping us dry clean.

Perhaps you are more interested in how your home looks. To be sure, a set of clogged gutters is unsightly and an eyesore. However, more than just the way your home looks right now, imagine what a state it would be in if you were to neglect clearing out your utters for even a season or two.If you like your home to reflect the care and attention you give to it, cleaning your gutters is such a simple thing that can do wonders for how your home is perceived by passersby or those visiting you. And it follows, a person with a clear set of gutters must have an equally orderly and quick mind.

Now that you are significantly frightened of the damage a clogged gutter can cause, let me tell you of the first step in protecting your home. Gutter cleaning in Cincinnati has never been easier and here’s why you should book your appointment: One simple appointment can prepare you for the long years of maintenance and enjoying your gutters to come. Call today and make an appointment!

A person to take care of your gutters can also explain the ways you can provide a little care yourself. Once you have had a professional in to do most of the hard work,removing debris little by little and not letting it pile up will save you from a multitude of problems down the road. They will still need to be kept professionally clean on a regular basis, but every little bit you can do is very much appreciated by your home.

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