Cleaning Business 101: A Complete Cleaner Supply List

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The cleaning industry has shown some impressive numbers in the jobs market and will continue to, according to the bureau of labor there will be a $2 billion revenue increase by 2023

Cleaner Supply List

It isn’t enough to just have a cleaning business, though. A cleaner supply checklist is needed. You have to make sure you are adequately equipped for any job, and to make sure you are, read what we have prepared for you.

Essentials For Your Cleaner Supply Checklist

While some jobs may require specific, specialized equipment or products, the essential supplies remain the same across any job that you will be doing as a cleaning business.


No job can get done without the proper tool kit. You need to make sure to arm yourself with the right arsenal to get the tasks done in the best fashion.

Specialized Vacuum

The best choice, especially when doing large areas, for these, will end up being a backpack style piece of equipment. The initial investment in this piece of equipment generally runs anywhere from $200 to $400 but will save a great deal of time and energy with the flexibility that it offers.

Microfiber Collection

The various options of microfiber products will be a constant go-to in the cleaning toolkit.

  • Wet and dry mop pads
  • Dusters, long and short
  • Damp dusting cloths
  • Glass cloths
  • Waffle cloths

The microfiber cloth will become the swiss-army go-to for a very low price point. These should be one of the first investments you make for your supply list. Color coding can be a useful practice, different colors for different tasks, or areas of work.

Tougher Scrubbing

Microfiber will not always be enough to clean all the surfaces encountered. There will be many times a stronger scrub will be needed, especially when working with restrooms and tile.

  • Toilet bowl brushes, make sure they are disposable use
  • Pumice stone
  • 3M scrub pads
  • Powder cleanser, for example, Bon Ami is regularly used
  • Grout brush
    • While other brushes, a wire brush, for example, can be used to clean grout it is a much better choice to use a brush design for this specific use. A wire brush comes into contact with tile far more and could potentially damage it.

A new development that has been growing as sanitation needs and technology grows is the idea of a “touchless system”. These are primarily utilized in the same settings that these items are and are an investment worth keeping an eye on.

Cleaner Supply List - cleaning supplies

Mop and Bucket

One of the essentials of the toolkit. A good mop and bucket for any worker. Eventually, this might be replaced by a floor polisher but that would not be until the business expands and larger areas are cleaned. Make sure to include a CAUTION sign for any wet surfaces as well.

Mixing Station

Luckily these will often be provided free of cost when purchasing supplies from most companies. Having a station readily connected to a water source will allow for the automatic mixing of your cleaning concentrates. This will allow for efficiency and cut down on the amount of waste you produce. Make sure that you properly label the items in an MDS log on the site.

Extra Accessories

Additions to the cart include;

  • Industrial trash bags
  • Shoe coverings
    • Pristine floors can easily be ruined by a less than clean shoe
  • Disposable cleaning gloves
  • Masks
  • Knee pads

The additional items can grow depending on the job. You may want to include additional items on hand to replenish restroom stock for example. And if you want to clean the cutlery as well then you can use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Products and Cleaners

While the result is always the same, there are different sets of cleaners for every type of service offered and for many different situations. It is important to also test cleaners before using them in the field at a client’s home. If you are looking to expand your market it would be wise to utilize green cleaning options as interest in that movement continues to rise. Simple additions would be the usage of essential oils or natural scrubbing agents such as baking soda. The added benefit of these being that very few have concerns with allergies or reactions to the items.

That being said, the general checklist that you will need to cover is;

  • Multi-surface spray
  • Concentrate floor cleaner
  • Disinfectant solution
  • Soap scum remover
  • Glass cleaner

Business and Office Supplies

One of the most important business supply items is an SDS book for cleaning products. The book is a record of materials to ensure proper practices are in place on a job site.

The use of this book is required to obtain and maintain OSHA compliance.

  • Branded uniforms
    • This is a business move more than anything else. Having a memorable logo will associate a great job with a name. It is the easiest way to continue to obtain further clients.
  • Scheduling and Time Management Software
    • There is a multitude of options available for tracking time such as harvest or clockify. These options are an easy way to input various rates for particular jobs and easily sync and track hours spent at different sites.

Make sure you take inventory of general office needs before getting started as well. This means a dedicated phone service, reliable internet, and the proper amount of computer systems.

Making the World A Cleaner Place

You have now checked all the boxes on your cleaner supply list and are ready to get to the job site. Take to the task of making the world a cleaner place. If you found this read helpful and are looking for more tips and how-to material, come read more material we have curated at the blog. Remember to follow us on social media as well, links can be found at the top of any page.

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