6 Top Tips For Cleaning and Decorating Your Home Office

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Wherever you are in the world, more and more of us are now working from home. At the beginning of the pandemic, we all had to get a bit creative with our home offices, from kitchen sides to ironing boards, home offices were springing up around the world. However, it looks like this change is here to stay longer than we think and it’s important to make ourselves comfy while working from home. Without those added work benefits of contract cleaners or office interior designers, it can be hard to know where to start.

6 Top Tips For Cleaning and Decorating Your Home Office

Below, we bring you our top 6 tips on how to decorate your new home office and keep it clean to make your working from home experience as enjoyable as possible.

Make The Most of Height

We all wish we had more floor space and few of us feel like our home office has the space we really need. Instead of looking for room on the floor, use the walls! By thinning upwards, you can really transform your home office into an amazing space. Floating shelves provide a beautiful feature, while also providing much-needed storage. Alternate those drab folders with photo frames, ornaments or candles to break up the monotony of office items.

Mirrors will make the room look brighter and bigger and can draw attention away from cluttered desks too and for those into feng shui, it will immediately feel right. If you are really stretched for space, use your wall to hold your desk, wall mounted desks are incredibly popular and there are even ones with hinges that fold away, so you can remove all thoughts of working life at the weekend.

Keep A Bin Close

It may seem like a nominal change to your home office, but having a bin close by can make a huge positive impact on how you work from home. Firstly, rubbish can be thrown away easily, meaning you are less likely to leave this on your desk to slowly build and envelop your working space. Secondly, it can reduce distraction, having to get up from your desk every time you need to put something in the bin can quickly lead to you being preoccupied with something else around the home.

Homely Comforts

Just because it’s where you work, it doesn’t mean your office can’t compliment the rest of your home. Especially if you don’t have a dedicated room for your home office and are having to use a corner in a bedroom, kitchen or living room, you should make it seem like your office belongs there. Start with your office chair, they aren’t always the prettiest of items but can you change this? Reupholstering the drab seat and back with new upholstery fabric to match your sofa or curtain will blend everything seamlessly.

If upholstery isn’t your thing, find some cushions that complement the room it is in, it will also add bags of comfort. Your desk can be transformed into a statement piece with a bit of DIY, a lick of paint in the same colour scheme as the room will make it seem like it was always meant to be there. If you don’t have the time for a paint job, using vinyl in a pattern or colour of your choice also works wonders.

6 Top Tips For Cleaning and Decorating Your Home Office - modern home office

Keep It Simple

It can be easy to over-do it with decorations, knick-knacks and photo frames. While they are a lovely addition in moderation, keep it to a minimum. When you want to clean your desk, the number of items on there can be the difference between a quick and easy job and something that can eat into precious work time. Only keep essential items on your surface, but personalise these to make it more welcoming. Statement pen pots, colourful coasters and a charming coffee mug can inject your personality into your working space, while still being practical.

Organise Your Paperwork

Paperwork, manuals and other documents are unavoidable while working but they can swiftly start taking up space and make your home office look messy. Draws and storage cabinets can be a speedy resolution for this, however, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing way to store these in your own home. Think about the future, what items will look great permanently in your home, whether this is a new bedside table with drawers for the bedroom, a kitchen sideboard with storage or a coffee table with hidden compartments. These can house your important documents for the time being, but will also be a beautiful new addition to your home once you permanently return to the office.

Shut It Away

Now that you are working in the same space you are meant to be relaxing in, it’s important to be able to make a divide between the two. It isn’t always possible to have your work things in a separate room, but that doesn’t mean you have to have it in view 24/7, your brain needs to be able to shut off from thoughts of work in the evenings and weekends. Divider curtains a brilliant solution to this, simply install a curtain rail around your desk and choose a fabric you love and create some makeshift curtains. Close these when you have finished working and your mind will be free of the busy day in an instant. We are all having to adapt to working from home, but by following a few or even all of these tips, you can get the perfect work-life balance and bliss, with a clean and organised home office space.

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