Does Cleaning Air Duct Give You the Desired Result?

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There must have been days when you must have wondered, is cleaning air duct really worth it? What if it is a scam? What if it really cleans the air duct leaving it with a healthy interior? Well, all your thoughts will be put at ease as this article will answer all your troubling thoughts. The following information has been provided by the experts of Envirovac, a popular and leading commercial/residential air duct cleaning company in Jacksonville FL.

Does Cleaning Air Duct Give You the Desired Result

Air duct cleaning in other words is a maintenance service. It is carried on with the aid of HVAC companies who promise better and cleaner air and good efficiency in the HVAC system.

But is air duct cleaning Jacksonville FL worth it? Check out below. 

To Clean or Not to Clean, That is the Question!

Till date, there has been no proper evidence that supports the health benefits facts. Though the experts believe it will improve the health of the inmates, no proper official confirmation has reached so far. But one can argue with the fact that cleaning the air duct regularly sure improves the HVAC system and also prolongs its life for many future years. When the air duct is left unattended for a long time, it will accumulate dirt and dust which will lead to lower cooling and less efficiency in your ac system. It will also lead to future repairing costs. Apart from this, regular air duct maintenance helps to detect any ac issues at an earlier stage thereby saving one from spending loads in the future.

What is the right time to consider Air Duct Cleaning?

The main concern for one to opt for air duct cleaning is the large obstruction of dust and debris in their ductwork. One prime point every owner must remember is when the airflow in your duct easily flows, the easier it becomes for it to deliver easily in your living space. This is the same rule applied for a commercial place as well. Therefore commercial duct cleaning Jacksonville FL is also a must. If your air duct has any major blockage that hampers or disturbs the easy airflow, it will make it work twice its operation which would lead to higher energy bills.
The following are a few signs to watch for air duct cleaning.


  • Mold infestation:


When you smell moldy or musty from your ac system, it may be mostly because of mold infestation or mold developments. Make sure to contact duct cleaning experts to clean the ductwork. The development of mold is mostly because of the moisture trapped in the ductwork. This damages most of your HVAC system. Therefore take this problem very seriously and treat all kinds of mold infestation at the earliest.


  • Unexplained Allergy-Related Illness:


If there is someone in your house suffering from sudden allergy-related illnesses, then it is mostly because of the unclean duct. The air duct is one of the most contaminated places in your house that collects dust and dirt of all kinds over a period of time. This impure and unhygienic air then circulates throughout your house making the interior air harmful. Those with allergies will very soon be affected by the impure air. So make sure your air duct is cleaned on a regular basis.
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  • Insect Bodies or Rodent Droppings:


If your air duct has any rodent droppings or insect bodies, then it is high time that your air duct is cleaned at the earliest. If left untreated, it will contaminate your interior air making the inmates fall sick. Also, it gives a sign that your house also provides a place for rodents which must be cleaned as soon as possible, so that this kind of cleaning work does not take place again.


  • Duct Obstruction:


If you have recently noticed that your ductwork develops debris or dust at a much faster rate, then this is another indication that your ductwork needs a thorough cleaning.

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Idea?

Air Duct Cleaning is sure a good idea because it will keep the system in a very good condition. The efficiency will be improved and also you will be rewarded with lower energy bills. For instance, if your air filter is clogged, your system will work twice its energy and operation, thereby adding new digits to your monthly bills. But when your air duct is in good condition, it will work just the same and also in good condition. Therefore regular cleaning is recommended especially in those homes where there are pets or people who have lungs related disease.

The following are a few ways one can improve the interior air quality.

  • Clean air filters regularly
  • Keep the ventilation clean
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Have your duct system checked by experts, etc.

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