Cleaning Tips After a Home Renovation

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Home renovations always bring a sense of happiness and accomplishment… until it’s cleaning time! Once you’re done with an interior project, be it a living room revamp or a kitchen remodel, dust, wood, dirt, and debris will inevitably be left behind. That is why homeowners must tackle the cleaning process efficiently to be able to enjoy their new living space.

Cleaning Tips After a Home Renovation

In that spirit, here are some cleaning tips from the pros to help you cleanse your home and say goodbye to the construction mess.

Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies

Organization and efficiency are key if you want to get the cleaning phase underway and done. Depending on the type and extent of the renovation, you will need the following items:

  • Powerful vacuum cleaner, with different heads and extra filters
  • Steam cleaner
  • Mop and broom
  • Duster, towels, and microfiber cloths
  • Special floor cleaner
  • Face masks and gloves
  • Garbage bags

Start with the Walls

Attend to your walls first. Throughout the renovation, they’ll have retained a lot of dust that can settle down and cause respiratory problems if left untreated. If you’ve kept the old paint on the walls, simply wipe them down using a damp towel. In case a fresh coat of paint was applied, all that’s required is some dry dusting to avoid early damages. Textured wallpaper surfaces should be vacuumed with a brush attachment. For regular wallpapers, use a dampened cloth to wipe them down gently, from top to bottom.

Get Vacuuming

Vacuuming will comprise a significant portion of the cleaning process. Using your powerful appliance, vacuum as much dust, wood residue, and other particles as possible from all corners of the room. Go over the moldings, ledges, baseboards, and door and window frames thoroughly. This will remove all loose materials and enable you to move forward. Since cleaning after construction is always a demanding and time-consuming process, homeowners will certainly benefit from hiring professionals. If you reside in Toronto, you’re bound to find a specialist team that will get the job done expertly and in a timely manner.

Careful with the Floors

Depending on the surface type and materials, it’s important to pay extra attention when it comes to cleaning floors. For carpeted floorings that can trap a good deal of dust and tiny debris, use your vacuum with a dust brush extension and go over it a couple of times. You may also use a steam cleaner for better results. When it comes to hard-surfaced floorings, proceed with a good sweeping using a treated dust mop. Using a damp mop exposes the floors to scratching. Other floor types, such as linoleum or tile floorings, can be safely cleaned with a mop and organic cleaners.

Tackle Your Windows

Windows also tend to get very dirty and dusty after a renovation. Thankfully, cleaning them doesn’t require excessive effort or special equipment. After the vacuuming and dusting, simply spray some glass cleaner on the pane and use a microfiber cloth for impeccable results and to avoid streaks. Make sure you do this on both the inside and outside going in circular motions, and voilà!

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Clean the Furniture and Upholstery

When it comes to fabrics, your vacuum or steam cleaner will also do the job nicely. For furniture pieces (sofas, armchairs) that were wrapped up for protection, be sure to vacuum them thoroughly before unwrapping them. As far as exposed curtains, drapes, or and upholstery, run the steam cleaner on them a few times to remove all the dirt and dust particles.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

In case you haven’t replaced the bulbs, light fixtures, or ceiling fans in your renovated room, take them down for a thorough sweeping and wiping. After that, using a dampened microfiber cloth, pat down and clean the bulbs, fixtures, and ceiling blades. You may also apply a few drops of cleaning fluid if necessary. This will help them stay clean and shine. Needless to say, you should switch off the electricity before proceeding.

Don’t Forget the Air Vents

Lastly, but importantly, give your ducts and vents a nice, deep cleanse to keep them fresh and allow the air in your home to stay clean and pure. Ventilations systems are often overlooked after a remodeling project, so make sure to tackle them as well. Replace your air filters if needed and call an HVAC expert for regular maintenance. Undertaking a home renovation project to improve your home’s style, comfort, and function is always great. Many people dread the cleaning part that comes afterward, though.; Getting rid of all the dust, debris, and garbage can indeed be exhausting, but all in all, with this practical guide, you should be able to make your living space spotless after any type of construction job!

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    I like that you mentioned that I should consider hiring a professional to clean my home after construction because it’s a demanding and time-consuming process. My parents are planning to have our whole house renovated soon, which is why we’ll be living with my grandparents for a short while. I’ll share this advice with them so they can hire a post-construction cleaning service after the renovation. It would be beneficial for everyone if we wouldn’t have to worry about the clean-up ourselves. Thanks!