How to clean your windows like a professional window cleaner

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Have you ever wiped or cleaned your windows and found that they have some parts that are left with dirt? Well, this could be as a result of failure to reach those parts or use of the wrong cleaning methods and products. Cleaning a window is an easy task as long you use the right cleaning products which include a squeegee which has a cleaning cloth attached and a rubber essential for scrubbing off the dirt from the window. You will also require a bucket of water and a dry cloth for drying up the cleaned windows.
How to clean your windows like a professional window cleaner

Follow this few simple steps and clean your windows like a professional.

Select the proper cleaning solution

There is a wide variety of cleaning solutions that you can use for cleaning your windows. For example, you can use detergents, window liquid cleaners and so on. But if it is your first time to clean your windows, it is advisable to visit various sites and see what the cleaning companies use for cleaning purposes. Some firms like Quake property services has been offering cleaning services for both commercial and domestic industries for years. Hence from their site, you can get some ideas of what solution to use for cleaning the windows. After selecting the solution to use, pour it into a bucket and mix it with clean water. For best results the water should be warm to hot because then the cleaning is easier.  Ensure there is a right balance in the mixture to get the best cleaning lather. Also, the bucket should be wide enough to accommodate the squeegee.

Clean your windows using the squeegee

Dip the squeegee into the bucket with cleaning solution and smear it on the surface of the window. Make sure that all the surface is covered with the lather since this helps to loosen the stuck dirt when cleaning. Then remove the wet clothing from the squeegee and working from the top of the window, draw the squeegee across the window to remove the cleaning solution and the dirt from the window. Repeat the process if your windows are very dirty.

How to clean your windows like a professional window cleaner - squeegee

Tips to use to get the best cleaning results

  • Make sure you use a little bit of force to make sure all the dirt and lather are removed from the window but don’t use too much energy to avoid breaking the window.
  • For better and good consistency cleaning, work from one end to the other.
  • Make sure that you curve the squeegee at the end of every stroke.
  • Use a fresh and dry clothing to wipe the squeegee dry after stroke. This is essential since a dry squeegee helps prevent one from leaving drips of water hence keeping the window free from streaks.

Wipe the windows with a dry cloth

Once you are done running the dry squeegee across the window, use a dry clean cloth to wipe the surface window. This helps to make sure that all water is dried from the window. If you want a super shiny windows, you can use a simple DIY method to further clean your windows. After you’ve finished the window with a dry cloth, use toilet paper and clean the window with circular movements applying small amount of force. Don’t use newspapers because they’ll leave smudges on your freshly cleaned windows.

Clean the window sills

The last step requires you to focus on the window sill. Using the same cleaning solution, dub a cleaning cloth and clean the window sills. First, clean the sill from the outer part and once you are done enter the house and clean the inside part. If you have stubborn spot on your sills you can use a toothbrush or a scrapper before cleaning with the cleaning cloth.

With the above tips, you will be able to clean and leave your windows sparkling clean like a professional cleaner. You also end up saving money that you could have used to hire a cleaning company, and the steps are easy too.

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