How to Clean a Carpet Stain Thoroughly

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Have you accidentally spilled paint, dropped food, or stained your carpet in any way? Or perhaps it’s the winter season, and your visitors have tracked snow all over your new, soft-weave rug. Whatever the case, your carpet is now dirty and you need a way to clean it quickly.

How to Clean a Carpet Stain Thoroughly

Whether it’s the carpet in your home or office, the best advice is to act promptly. The sooner you clean your carpet, the easier it is to remove the stain. Let’s go over several great ways to clean your carpet from messes or daily wear, tear, and crumbs.

Dishwashing detergent

This carpet cleaning solution is one of the simplest and most easy to prepare. You probably already have a bunch of dishwashing soap on hand. For this quick, clean fix, simply mix a fourth of a teaspoon of detergent into one cup of warm water. Then, dip a rag or dishcloth into the mixture and clean up the mess on your carpet. Take care not to pour the detergent and water mix onto the carpet directly, as that can cause more problems with your carpet than you already have.

Hire professionals

If your own efforts to return a carpet to its original condition have failed, then you may want to consider hiring commercial cleaning teams to restore your carpet. The cleaners have more tools at our disposal than you might, which makes them very efficient. Carpet cleaning professionals will pride themselves on delivering excellent results that you can rely on.

Try some vinegar and water

Another great way to clean carpets is combining vinegar and water and using that mixture to leave your carpets spot-free. Add one cup of vinegar to two cups of water and then use a dishcloth to apply the vinegar solution to the problem area on your carpet. Again, refrain from pouring mixture onto carpet. It might seem like a way to speed up the cleaning process, but slow and steady works best in this situation. Additionally, when cleaning stains or spots via a cleaning solution such as this one, make sure to blot the stain instead of rubbing it. Rubbing at the stain will actually drive it deeper into the carpet fabric, obviously something you don’t want.

Experiment with shaving cream

Shaving cream is actually quite useful when it comes to cleaning up those food spills and other typical stains on most carpets. Spray a generous amount of shaving cream onto the stained area and then let it sit on the carpet for a half hour or so. Then come back and remove the shaving cream, remembering to blot instead of rub. Finish cleaning the area with some of the water and vinegar solution detailed above. The stain will almost always come right out using this method.

How to Clean a Carpet Stain Thoroughly - cleaning

Utilize your vacuum cleaner

When your carpet shows signs of daily living rather than a stain-creating spill, you probably need to get out your vacuum cleaner. If you don’t own one, there are many efficient and inexpensive models on the market today. Once you have a vacuum cleaner in hand, use it to get rid of crumbs, dirt, and other messes on your carpet. This technique is simple, easy, and quick, reflecting the beauty of a good vacuum cleaner.

Use ice to remove sticky substances

What happens if your gum accidentally falls on the carpet, no one notices, and it gets ground into the weave? Removing it can be a near-impossible hassle, or so you might think. In fact, there’s a remarkably simple solution that you can utilize pretty much right away. And that solution is ice! Take a couple of ice cubes out of the freezer and place it over the gum. Once the gum has frozen solid (usually in less than a minute), scrape it away from the carpet and snip off any strands that still sport the sticky stuff. Take care to cut off as little of the carpet as possible and no one will be the wiser.

Purchase a commercial carpet cleaner

Sometimes the natural solutions simply can’t get the job done. Maybe a stain has been missed for so long that it seems to have become a permanent part of the carpet. Perhaps the stain is fresh but you just can’t seem to budge it with dishwashing soap or vinegar. In that case, it’s time to upgrade to commercial cleaning solutions that pack an extra punch. When shopping for a commercial cleaner, consider purchasing one that has organic ingredients instead of a harsh chemical solution. Chemical solutions are best employed by trained professionals who know how to utilize those cleaners and minimize the harmful impact such solutions can have on your home/the environment. Stay safe and purchase more natural cleaners.

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