Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Top Timber Flooring Company

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It was only a year back when I was getting my house constructed. Amongst the other things that were on my mind, the flooring was really crucial. However, when I started to finalize stuff, I was bewildered. One thing I was sure of was that I wanted timber flooring.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Top Timber Flooring Company

However, there were many players in the market, and each was claiming to be the best. It was easy to get carried away at this time. To avoid being duped, I sat down calmly and used the following tips to make the right choice.


This should probably be the first thing that you should look into. You would find many companies dealing in the flooring business. However, when it comes to timber, you only need expert advice. The problem is that if the company is into a variety of flooring, they may not be able to understand your expectations. In that case, you can never expect them to give the results you were hoping for. You must check the websites of the company like Here you can see the samples of the work done and find out if it is close enough to what you were looking for. Also, check if they have an expert team of certified professionals to handle the job with ease.

Review company references  

By now, you will have a list of companies that specifically deal with timber flooring. Once you reach their website, look for the section where they have mentioned the customer reviews. You will probably get to know the detailed feedback each one of them has offered. Post that, you can look around if any of your friends have taken their services. If yes, then ask them if they felt the company was knowledgeable about the job. You could also ask if the rates were reasonable and were the deadline adhered to. These are pointers where most other companies may falter, and it is best to analyze your company on that basis.

Request a detailed quote

Now that you have a shortlist of companies, ask them to provide you with a detailed quote. This document should have the following information:

  • Scope of work- Discuss and mention the details of the work that will be completed. Also include labor and materials costing, whether any additional repair work is needed, and any other crucial information.
  • Costing of any installation work- You have to be very clear about the exact expense that you will incur. This is to avoid a conflicting situation later on. Ask them to mention every small cost that would be part of the project. They might charge you for waste disposal so ask them to mention that too.
  • Deadlines- It is better that the company mentions the deadlines so you can pull them up if there is any delay on their part.

Monitoring the moisture content

The contractor should be in a position to tell you how he will customize the timber to the changing environment of your home. Timber has to go through various seasoning methods to keep the equilibrium moisture content balanced. Any reputed flooring company will have an expert just to monitor the moisture content. He will also take the moisture and humidity readings of that room and its surroundings as well. Make sure that the team is efficiently conducting this job.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Top Timber Flooring Company - timber flooring

Range of timber species

Obviously, you would not want to pick up a timber species that looks different from the overall look of your home. Before choosing anything, keep the room décor and furniture color in mind. You must avoid contrasting choices as in the case of flooring; it looks typically out of place. Next, you have to decide what kind of timber you would like to choose, like paraquat, reclaimed boards, or solid hardwood.

Certain types of timber flooring do not need a subfloor, while others don’t look flattering unless they are laid. Ask the contractor the range of timber species he has to offer and select one that would blend with your surroundings. Not to forget that it should aesthetically look mesmerizing for the best results.

How they will prepare the subfloor

In some instances, a subfloor will be needed, and only the contractor can tell you how he does it usually. An adequately prepared subfloor ensures that the rest of the flooring would be perfect too. You will have to ask him if he will assess the subfloor for strength and how he plans to do that. The choice of adhesive should be an essential factor that you need to talk about. Lastly, enquire about how they will take care of the problem of moisture migration.

Safety guidelines

When you do any kind of wood related work, there are many times when they could compromise on safety. Find out from the company how it takes care of any such problems. There is the use of chemicals whose fumes can be damaging. As a trustworthy company, they will know how to take care of the mess. If they do not have an answer to this question of yours, it means you are targeting the wrong company. The safety of all parties involved is essential, and if any accident happens on your premises, you will be in a loop.

Post-installation service

Once your flooring is set up, it requires regular maintenance. Ask the company how they plan to provide a post-installation service. They should be in a position to guide you over what to do in case of pets and drinks spills. Also, even after the work is over, they should guide you in case of any queries.


When it comes to wood flooring, people prefer timber as it is an eco-friendly option. However, before opting for it, you must extensively research and find out how they will procure all the materials. If any companies cannot offer you the exact information, it is always better to avoid them. They are probably more focused on making money than building relationships.  A professional relationship is essential here, and their being straightforward with you is the first step to that.

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