Choosing the Roof Hatch You Need 

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A roof access hatch or simply a roof hatch allows the maintenance crew or building personnel to do their job safely and efficiently. These products allow the safe and easy installation, removal, and repair of large pieces of equipment into or out of a building. The convenience provided by these hatches is integral to the health of the entire building or structure. Since roof hatches are horizontal doors, they usually provide access through an interior ladder, service stair, or ship stair. There are many types of roof hatches, and they all serve different functions depending on the needs of the building.

Choosing the Roof Hatch You Need 

Finding the correct kind of roof hatch will enable you to maximize the potential of what you can do to your roof area. 

The Selection

When you select a roof hatch for your building, you need to consider some factors. The factors will guide your selection process to choose the roof hatch that’s right for you accurately to lessen this time-consuming and challenging task. These are the factors that you need to consider before doing anything:

The Purpose of Your Roof Hatch

The reason why you should clearly define the purpose of the hatch is so that you can determine the size of it. If the hatch is for service personnel only, then a tiny single-leaf model is more appropriate. For the entry of large pieces of equipment, a double-leaf access hatch or a more sizable version is considered a better choice, especially for periodic maintenance. Frequency also affects the purpose of the hatch. If the roof area needs constant maintenance and repair, it is better to have a large roof hatch for efficiency to allow service personnel to carry huge tools or parts onto the roof for service. Contact a professional roofing contractor for solid advice.

The Facility

The roof hatch’s placement is also an essential factor to consider. Not all buildings are alike, and others do need a particular type of roof hatch. An example is a hatch designed for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine installation in a hospital. It requires fabrication with non-magnetic hardware. Buildings with unique security needs like banks, prisons, pharmacies, and embassies also need special considerations to protect against unauthorized access. Hatches for these facilities are from heavier gauge materials manufactured with customizing options for enhanced security. Facilities that require corrosive-resistant materials need hatches made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is a requirement since the areas need protection against corrosion. Locations may include chemical plants or in coastal regions with extreme weather conditions.

Choosing the Roof Hatch You Need - roof hatch

The Cost of the Product

You must consult a professional who can give you a proper quote for their products and services. It would be best if you got your money’s worth, so it is advisable to receive multiple quotes from different companies. Review their prices and the quality of their products before signing any agreement. 

Getting a Second Opinion

The best way for you to have a clear and better understanding of what to do or choose is to consult a roofing professional for guidance. Get one from a reputable organization or a contracting company to ensure that you know what you are getting for your set budget.


The right type of roof hatch is a must for any building because it provides the best access to the roof area. It makes the entire process of maintaining, installing, and removing machinery and equipment efficient and safe. One should put some thoughts about the selecting process and consider the factors mentioned in this article. Consider also contacting a professional roofing contractor.

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