Choosing the Right Cocktail Table Designs Available

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Coffee or cocktail tables may be the final piece of your living room puzzle, but with so many options, how do you choose the right ones? There seem to be endless options out there, like round wooden ones or brass bases, and below are some helpful tips that can help you out. A clear choice where the architecture is clear-cut, airy, and with geometric choices, you will have a more relaxed and calmer feel in your room. Know that this is a furniture piece that can hold your daiquiri, coke, or margarita. Additionally, this is a good place where you can place your magazines, phones, remotes, and many more.

cocktail table with two layers

Lengths, sizes, and heights can vary, as well as their functions. It is best to consider if you have some space left for these cocktail tables since most homeowners may not leave enough room when they buy their cushions and sofas.

Where to Start?

Aesthetics and Overall Look

Find out more about the color scheme of your interior décor, and make sure that you buy a cocktail table from Cocoon Furniture that will match your needs. Contemporary set-ups are ideal if you want to display black and white modern art and more lights. The extra textured wooden surfaces can add texture, and something grounded to your living room that may be otherwise considered to be too clear-cut, clean, and sleet.

Consider the Location

Living rooms may see these tables housing glass, delicate, and fragile items, and this is where you need something sturdy. In family areas, be prepared for spills and more feet of little children on the surfaces. You also need to incorporate drawers into them if applicable. Avoid glass as much as possible because they are prone to dents, scratches, and marks when they are around pets and toddlers. They are very fragile, and there is a danger of broken pieces that can cut the users of the area.

cocktail table in front of the sofa

Appeal in Antique

Moving to a larger house might mean that you are prioritizing comfort and entertainment. Active families may appreciate the elegance and functionality of a vintage piece more. Cocktail tables that are made of wood, well-treated, and timeless furniture can add character to your living area. You can make it hold various vases, flowers, tea trays, cups, and other hors d’oeuvres that you may be serving for the day.

Urban spaces deserve friendly living spaces that are fresh to the eyes. Industrial-grade and rustic tables can definitely do the job well. They serve as heavy-duty furniture for movie times and entertaining friends, and they can also be relaxed where you can place books at the bottom of the vases so anyone can always go to that place at their leisure. Oatmeal linen and seagrass rugs will also help in avoiding too much stuffiness.

More of Nature and Balance

Hand-made maple is a popular choice nowadays because they bring a classical and warm feel to the environment. There will be more than enough surface area where you can place your succulents, and there is also a chance of adding driftwood sculptures if you want. Ideal for homes with an ocean view, the sandy and brown color palette, and low furniture can be very functional and relaxing, at the same time. These pieces are playing an excellent role in coastal spaces, and modern homes after they were popularized by Japanese woodworkers in the early 1960s.


These styles are often made of wood, and it seeks to combine functionality and beauty. The focus is on lines that are light and simple, and devoid of clutter, where it has a calming and warm theme. Many people prefer Nordic minimalism because it can create a space that is peaceful without needing to be cold and uninviting. Get cocktail tables that are made of smooth wood and in harmony with nature with their timeless designs from the right site. See more about Scandinavian on this webpage:

Gold and Metallics

Get luxurious designs with hand-crafted and stunning cuts from the right manufacturers. These gold cocktail tables are incredibly beautiful and shimmering, and the pieces are sure to be eye-catching. Faux mink textures and lustrous gold accents complete with metal legs can add a grandeur element that many guests can enjoy. Not only that, but you can find them to be very spacious, where they can handle snacks and drinks that are ideal for parties and gatherings.

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