Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Self Storage Unit

The decision to choose a storage unit is one that can take some time, but they offer a safe, cost-effective, and easy solution to store items. Whether you’re downsizing, moving across the country, or simply looking for more space in your home, it’s important to consider what type of unit will best suit your needs. 

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This guide will talk about the things you need to think about before making a final decision on choosing a self-storage unit.

Things You Need To Consider 

Regardless of why you need one, you need to consider all the various factors before making your final decision on a self-storage unit. The most important being choosing a reliable storage company that gives you peace of mind. The company you choose has to match all of your needs and give you excellent quality for your money.

Some other things that you need to consider are:

  • Do you need short-term or long-term storage?-What are your plans for the future? If you’re not sure what’s next, a short-term unit is still worth considering. But if you know that in six months, you’ll be moving out of state and want to keep any items you haven’t sold on Craigslist or given away yet, it might make sense to go with a long-term unit.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down which type of storage space is best, take into consideration how often and easily accessible it will be when you’re ready to retrieve items from storage.
  • What size unit will best suit your needs for the time being? This is a question that can be difficult to answer. But, it’s important to consider how much space you currently have available in order to determine what size of unit would work best. Remember that if you want to store an entire room, you’ll need a unit that is at least 12×24.
  • What are your security needs? Some self-storage units offer the option of paying for extra protection like cameras and guards on staff 24/hrs per day. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to research which company offers the best security for the price.
  • How much will your unit cost? In self-storage, monthly rates are determined by size and protection options. When calculating what you’ll be paying per month for a particular unit, remember to take into account any additional fees or deposits that may come up as well. For example, if you plan on storing your car, you’ll need to make sure the unit is big enough for your vehicle and that it has a driveway.
  • Do you plan on storing furniture? If so, be aware of any specific restrictions like weight limits or size requirements before finalizing your decision. For example, many units do not allow mattresses due to fire safety concerns.
  • Are you looking for something that has climate-controlled storage? If so, make sure to research how cold the temperature is and what type of humidity it’s kept at. This can have an impact on your belongings over time.
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Choosing a self-storage unit can be an overwhelming and stressful decision. But, with these tips in mind, you’ll feel more confident about finding the right space for your needs. Whether it’s long-term or short-term storage that’s on your wish list, this information will help clear up any confusion around what type of unit is best for you!

2 thoughts on “Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Self Storage Unit”

  1. Charlotte Fleet

    My parents are renovating their house next month and they need to find a self-storage unit to move their belongings into during the project. You make a great point about how it is important to consider the accessibility of a storage facility. I will make sure that my mom and dad find a storage facility that is very accessible and will be easy for them to navigate.

  2. I loved that you said that you must consider researching storage unit companies that offer the best security for the price if you would want extra protection such as cameras and guards on staff. My husband and I have decided to have our house renovated since we want a bigger space for both our kitchen and bathroom. We are planning to have our collection of vases and books to be stored in a unit, so it is important for us to ensure the safety of our belongings.

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