Choosing The Best Hot Water Service For Your New Home

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During cold seasons, you will probably need a home heating and hot-water supply system of some kind. There are modern heating systems that can be incorporated into your home with least disruption, since this is important for historic/protected homes.

Choosing the best hot water service for your new home

If you reside in Australia, you can get best offers of hot water services at hot water services and repairs Adelaide. Before purchasing a hot water system in your home, you need to consider a number of things so that you can settle for a system that will not give you problems in future. This article helps you to choose a suitable hot water service for your new home.

Energy saving

When it comes to energy saving systems, solar heating systems work better for you need the sun to heat it up. Using solar heaters allows households to save on energy use and costs, and reduces your households’ effect on the environment.

In the event of an overcast day where there wasn’t sufficient exposure to the sun rays, and therefore insufficient water heating, an electric booster can be used to bring the water to the required temperature. The booster is fitted onto the storage tank and heats the water automatically when it detects a drop in temperature. Alternatively, a gas booster can be used to reach the expected temperature. This is fitted on the copper piping and heats the water on a need basis as it passes through the piping.


You need to choose a heating system that maintenance is relatively simple. Once a year, you’ll need to call in a professional to check filters and belts in your heat pump and make any necessary adjustments. Moving parts should be lubricated and the wiring inspected for signs of wear.

If you have gas-powered, forced-air heating, you need to change the filter monthly especially in the heating season (winter). Lubricate the circulating fan once annually and bring in a professional to inspect the ducts, flue and heat exchangers. He/she should also adjust the burner if necessary – usually every two years.For all other systems, such as oil-powered boilers, you need to call in a HVAC pro to carry out annual maintenance which includes fuel filter replacement, flue cleaning and jet cleaning and adjustment.


The size of the system to install in your home will be determined by the number of people relying on the water heater. If your family is large, you will need a system that will produce hot water on demand like gas hot water system. In this case, water is stored in the tank ready for use and it is a guarantee that there will be hot water supply for the entire household.

Choosing the best hot water service for your new home - tankless water heater


During winter, you will need a heating system that is constant. If you are using solar water heater, it is time to change to something else since it is possible for your solar water heater to be affected by frost and end up experiencing heat loss and damage to collectors. So you end up having cold water and a damaged heater rather than the intended hot water. Go for a gas hot water system or electric heating system. They may cost you a little more money but you are assured of hot water running in your system throughout the cold season.


You need to consider space before choosing a hot water service for your home. Gas storage tank systems occupy big space for they need to have a pipe that exhaust outdoors and tanks that collect excess water. Solar System too needs space at the rooftop and you need to make sure you have a suitable roof to install it.


The amount of money you want to spend on a hot water service will guide you to the type of system to install in your home. Some systems are expensive to purchase and install but saves energy hence saving some cash for you on energy consumption. Others are affordable to purchase but will consume more energy. Have a budget considering the two factors and go for one that suits you.

Hot water services will make your bath enjoyable during winter but you need to get a system that is not complicated and one that is within your budget. With the above guidelines, you can now choose a hot water service that suits your new home and get it installed.

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