Features to look for when choosing a hard cooler

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If you are thinking of purchasing a hard cooler for your upcoming camping trip, then you need to make sure you take a few criteria into account before purchasing one. After all, this hard cooler is going to be the saving grace when you are parched after a long day of fishing with the best baitcasting reels or hiking – if you reach into the cooler and find that all of your water, beer, and snacks are lukewarm, this is going to be a nightmare. Not only will your sandwiches have gone bad, but your beer is going to be warm and taste bad – what now?

Features to look for when choosing a hard cooler

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, you really are stuck. Avoid this from ruining your day – and your entire trip – by doing some reach ahead of time to choose a hard cooler that will work well for your needs. When you are looking for the best hard cooler for your upcoming vacation, camping trip, backyard BBQ, or festival, then consider these features before buying your final choice!

How can I choose the best hard cooler? Take these factors into consideration before buying!


One of the main features you need to take into account is the size of the cooler – how many items do you need to keep cool and for how long? You can typically find out the ideal size of your hard cooler by figuring out how long you need the cooler for, how many people are in your party, and what types of items you need to cool – do you need to cool beer or do you need to cool big pieces of meat? Usually, hard shell coolers can come in various sizes, ranging from around 12 ounces to as much as a 24-quart cooler!

Electric vs non-electric

Another consideration that you should take into account is the electricity of the cooler – do you want a thermoelectric cooler or do you want a standard cooler? You can choose between a thermoelectric cooler or a compressor cooler if you find that you want a more heavy-duty option for being on a boat, long camping trips, or other long-duration adventures.


Does wheeling the cooler make it more accessible to you and your upcoming trip? If so, then consider finding a hard cooler that has wheels and movable handles.

Features to look for when choosing a hard cooler - hard cooler


Choose a hard cooler that has durable material that is drop-proof and weatherproof. The last thing that you want is to accidentally knock over our cooler and have it break at the beginning of your trip!

Cold retention

How long do you need to keep your items cool? If you choose a hard cooler that can only keep your drinks cold for 12 hours – but your trip is 2 days – then this is a mistake. Figure out the cold retention rating before buying your hard cooler!


Trying to find the best hard cooler for your needs? If so, then take a few factors into consideration, such as the durability of the material, wheels, the cold retention ratings, and the size of the cooler for your upcoming vacation!

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