Practical Tips To Choose The Right Window Coverings

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Window coverings are undeniably one of the first essentials you’ll need to consider when decorating your home. Whether you opt for drapes, shades, or even both, outfitting the windows in your home is essential for privacy.

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So, we’ve listed some practical tips to help you choose the most suitable window coverings for each room of your home.

Decide How Much Light You Need

First, you’ll need to consider how much light a room needs before you can choose window coverings. Determine whether the windows are south-facing, east-facing, or otherwise; this will help you figure out which rooms might need more light. While drapes typically restrict natural light, shades from Supreme Shades and other retailers are capable of encouraging natural light.

The Living Room

Before you start looking at ways to make your living room stand out, it’s essential to focus on your choice of window coverings. Depending on the number of windows in your living room, this area typically requires window coverings that let natural light in, which suggests that shades are often a good choice. However, if you adore the look of drapes, it’s worthwhile to consider both drapes and shades crafted from light material.

The Bathroom

More often than not, bathrooms don’t typically need more light. However, window coverings are necessary for privacy. Drapes are never best for bathrooms because the fabric might absorb moisture, causing mold growth and dampness. Instead, consider window shades that are made from translucent materials or films that won’t risk mold development.


The Bedroom

Drapes are usually an elegant and stylish choice for the bedroom. With this, the right drapes will serve as a decor accent that ties the room together and ensures privacy. Blackout drapes are also a good investment that will help you improve your sleep quality by minimizing light distractions that can peek through regular drapes.

The Kitchen

Sometimes, drapes can add appeal to the kitchen. However, drapes don’t complement all kitchen designs, and sometimes shades are more suitable. Because privacy is hardly a concern for the kitchen, it’s best to opt for window coverings that suit kitchen interiors best.

The Dining Room

Once again, drapes or shades are suitable for the dining room. Even so, you’ll need to consider natural light before deciding. It’s also wise to consider the interior style of the dining room, as this will help you find the most suitable coverings.

Keep Things Consistent

Even though you can decorate the windows in your home with a mixture of shades, drapes, or both, it’s still best to keep things consistent. Instead of opting for window coverings of varying styles and designs, opt for similar drape materials and designs. Moreover, choose the same or similar shades throughout your home, as this will maintain consistency.

Size Things Perfectly

Sizing is incredibly important when it comes to choosing suitable window coverings. Drapes must fit just right, so consider the length of the drapes as well as the width. Additionally, you must also consider the drape rail placement; it’s best to have drapes fit closer to the ceiling while the rail should extend a few inches away from the window. When it comes to shades, you’ll also need to fit these perfectly, although there’s no need for shades to sit higher to the ceiling. Instead, it’s wise to have shades sized to your windows.

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