How you can choose the right shower enclosure

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If you are tired of your outdated bathroom that has an old-school shower configuration, then you need to transform it so that you can update your shower enclosure. A custom shower enclosure can usually change the entire feel and look of your bathroom before you can even handle other areas.

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Remember that modern shower enclosures also tend to bring lots of light into your bathroom while providing a spacious feel. But there are many things you should consider before you choose a shower enclosure. This article discusses how you can choose the right shower enclosure.

Choosing the right shower enclosure

You need to find a shower enclosure that matches the design of your bathroom and the overall shower space. Also, you need to check the appearance of your walls, meaning whether they already have tiles or any other materials installed on them. If there are studs on the wall, then you may have an unfinished or rough opening. Therefore, you need to finish your wall before you decide to choose a shower enclosure. Whether you intend to finish your shower walls with backer board, tile, or acrylic, you still need to measure the shower space. Homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to shower enclosure styles. The popular style is the crystal clear low-iron glass. This shower enclosure comes with a green tint that can bring flow to the bathroom design.

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There is also etched glass that has a unique engraving that provides more privacy. A privacy ban can also assist to obscure the middle section of the shower enclosure, and you can choose to add decorative patterns so that there is flair and interest. The type of shower enclosure you choose can affect the king of glass you need. In most cases, a shower can be durable if it has a thick glass. A standard option is 6mm and it can be suitable for moderately used bathrooms. But 8mm is more durable than the 6mm glass.

Types of shower enclosures

There is a sliding glass door that requires a track running along the bottom and top of your shower enclosure opening. This type of shower enclosure is a suitable option if you have a walk-in shower or combination of a tub and shower. Sliding glass shower enclosures usually have lightweight tempered glass.

Another one is the swinging glass door which is a great choice for a walk-in shower. A glass door can be attached to the bathroom wall and you can opt for a door that opens outward or inward or even both ways. Take note that this type of shower enclosure is ideal for a no-threshold shower because it doesn’t have a metal framing or track.

A framed shower enclosure is another option and it’s usually designed for general openings. The four edges of an opening door can be framed with a certain type of metal framework. Larger shower enclosures with a shower-tub combo require extra support for the glass panel, making a framed shower enclosure suitable. In most cases, you can use a continuous head bar because it goes across the shower enclosure.

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