Some Tips to Choose the Right Cladding for Adding Joy to your Home Exteriors

The hazards of nature pose a threat to your home’s exterior structure. Considering a wall cladding sounds like the best decision to keep harsh conditions from wearing out your home. Wall cladding is the second skin for your home. It will guarantee that your walls are well-protected. It translates into a durable structure, making your paradise last a little longer.

Some Tips to Choose the Right Cladding for Adding Joy to your Home Exteriors

Now that you know its importance for improving the overall aesthetics of your home, choosing one becomes essential. To simplify your choosing process, here’s a guide for you to attain a sigh of relief:


Claddings can be installed in two types. These may be a single-skin or a double-skin. The single skin is added to the building directly, which acts as an external barrier. Double-skin, on the other hand, finds installation in-between the two layers. Installing ventilation helps in avoiding moisture retention that may take place under the load-bearing wall and cladding. Or between the insulation and cladding. In the absence of insulation, the cleat thickness works well enough for creating the blade.


Some of the top materials for your home’s exterior may be wood, metal, and stone. At the same time, people perceive metal to be the most durable material. But, it gets a little more expensive. However, bronze or titanium top the list. Stone is stable but can crack over with time. All you need to see is its thickness and weather condition exposure. Experts recommend wooden cladding for country-style and rustic homes. Although these are a little pricey, engineered-type woods, work wonders for your home exteriors.


If you’re considering different colour options, it is vital to check your local planning regulations. You can view a multi-colored one for your home. A red terracotta-styled exterior house looks attractive. Or, you can experiment with cladding on the top half and a paler shade towards the bottom. Ensure trying a digital mock-up of your home so that you have a clear picture of the finished multi-coloured cladding result. If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, stick to the neutral shades to attract potential buyers. Know that the colour can add to the costs significantly.

Some Tips to Choose the Right Cladding for Adding Joy to your Home Exteriors - timber cladding

Miscellaneous Characteristics

There are several characteristics available for your home. Some essentials include durability, fire-retardancy, and incombustibility for your homes. FSC-certified, PEFC-certified, backlit, and integrated LED are often seen in high and low-rise buildings. Many buildings are seen as exteriors that are adorned with grass, moss, and plants. Surfaces like these improve the look and feel of your home while enhancing the environment at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Besides the materials and configuration, other factors that hold importance are finishing options and appearances. In addition to this, ensure proper exterior maintenance. It is because time may reduce the aesthetic touch of the finish. Remove dirt and stains and replace the broken cladding whenever necessary. Thereby, replace the same if elements begin to fall off or peel. You can also treat the same with weather protection products. Try applying glues and sealers wherever necessary. By doing so, your home’s exteriors will remain intact, especially during the hot and cold weather conditions!

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2 thoughts on “Some Tips to Choose the Right Cladding for Adding Joy to your Home Exteriors”

  1. Thank you for explaining that you can use wooden cladding for country-style or rustic homes. We’ve been wondering what kind of cladding to use on our new ranch home. It seems like this might be a good option to look into more.

  2. Shammy Peterson

    The best part of your blog is when you said that if you have a rustic home, experts recommend wooden cladding. As you said, they work wonders for your home’s exterior. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to have our house renovated early next month. It is important for me to have new cladding installed since I want an exterior that can provide a classic vibe. Thanks!

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