How to choose a reputable commercial contractor

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How to choose a reputable commercial contractor

If you are into commercial real estate and related industries, then you know that finding the right company to do your construction works is not easy. That’s especially the case in California where there are many briefcase contractors masquerading as commercial contractors. To help you avoid such problems, here are few useful tips that can help you find the right commercial contractor.

Go for tested and proven firms

When looking for a commercial contractor in California, don’t just go for a company based on their marketing gimmicks. Any company can look attractive through some fancy PR. To get the best, go for a company that has several completed projects under its sleeves.  Physically visit some of their project sites and if you are impressed, work with them on your project. Working with a proven contractor, such as Coast general contractors guarantees you quality. That’s because they have the necessary experience working on commercial projects.

Don’t focus on the price

While it’s tempting to go for a contractor with the lowest costs, it is important to remember that a low cost contractor might lead to expensive problems, later along in the project. That’s because they might use low quality materials as they try to cut on costs. They might also end up delaying the project, while trying to work on multiple projects; and compensate for their low cost. That’s why rather than prioritizing the contractor’s pay, focus on the quality of work that they can deliver. An expensive contractor with proven workmanship is way better than a cheap and unknown one.

Ask for a detailed cost estimate

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential contractors to about two or three, request them for a detailed cost estimate, complete with the materials they intend to use.  By doing this, you will be in a position to choose a contractor that not only has the best cost in the market, but one who also has the best work quality; based on the materials they intend to use. Remember, the quality of work and materials is way more important than the price that a contractor is charging, since commercial projects are long-term projects.

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Ask for their risk analysis methodology

Unexpected risks can lead to an increase in project costs midway, and if not properly accounted for, can throw the entire project off-balance. To cushion yourself, ask potential candidates to give you their risk analysis methods, and how they intend to mitigate them. This way, you can have an informed estimate of potential risks, and plan for them in advance.

Ask around about the reputation of potential candidate

Before you engage the services of a commercial contractor, ask around for opinions from companies they have worked with in the past.  If a contractor has complaints from several of their clients, treat that as a red flag. Only go for a contractor whose former clients are happy with their work. Such a contractor would not risk their reputation by giving you a low quality job.

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