How to choose a plus size mattress

Sleep is an important part of one’s life as it contributes greatly to how one’s body functions. As a plus-sized person, you will want to get a good night sleep and to achieve this, you’ll have to own a mattress that’s designed to handle your weight.

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The question you may be asking is, “How do I know which mattress to buy?” That’s a valid question and to answer it, let’s review a few tips that will guide you in choosing a plus size mattress:

Consider The Mattress Thickness

Mattresses have different thicknesses. For a plus size person, it is highly recommended that you get a mattress with a thickness of 12 inches or more, the reason for this being that you are able to get extra support from the deep compression that comes with the thickness.

If you opt for a mattress with a thickness that’s less than 12 inches, then ensure that it has extra features that offer you extra support such as an additional thick comfort layer.

Analyze The Mattresses Support

As a plus-sized person, your body has high-pressure point areas such as the hips, shoulders and the lumbar. As such, when sourcing for a mattress, you need to get one with quality comfort layers that offer all-round firm support.

Edge support is also a factor to consider. Often times you’ll find yourself sitting at the edge of your bed hence, edge support is something that you must check on. Test the mattress to get a feel for the support level it offers if you are more inclined to sleeping close to the edge of your bed.

Check The Level Of Firmness

As you analyze the mattresses level of firmness, an important aspect to keep in mind is your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or stomach, then a mattress with a medium to firm firmness level would be appropriate. If you’re a side sleeper, it would be appropriate to go for a plusher one.

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If you weigh more, bear in mind that you’re going to sink more into the mattress and if the mattress you choose is too soft, you’re going to sink beyond the desired limit which will ultimately leave you feeling so uncomfortable as you sleep.

Consider The Mattresses Temperature Regulation

The more you sink into a mattress, the more body heat it’s going to retain. Your aim is to have your body temperature go down slightly to attain that deep sleep you desire. As a plus-sized person, having a mattress that’s able to keep you cool while you sleep is an extra plus for you.

Traditional memory foam sleeps hot because it traps air whereas foam mattresses sleep hotter compared to hybrids and innersprings. Talalay latex is more advantageous in temperature regulation as compared to Dunlop latex. Go for a mattress that has good temperature regulation.

Check On The Price

Being a plus sized person means that you’ll experience your mattresses getting wear and tear every other time. When going to make a purchase, be alert not to buy substandard mattresses that are sold at questionably lower prices.

This doesn’t mean that you buy the most expensive mattress on the market but rather, a mattress with a price that offers value for money in terms of quality. With this in mind, here’s a detailed review of the best mattress for heavy people.

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