7 Considerations To Choose The Most Suitable Outdoor Furniture For Your Backyard

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Choosing outdoor furniture is no mean feat. From weather-resistant features to maintenance routines and versatile functionality, several considerations go into choosing outdoor furniture.

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If you’re considering upscaling your backyard into a beautiful outdoor seating spot, here are seven pointers to keep in mind.

Opt For Easy Care Options

Save yourself the trouble of investing time and effort in cleaning your outdoor furniture. Choose easy care options that can be simply wiped down or washed clean with a water hose. All-weather wicker furniture is your best bet for outdoor furniture that’s easy to maintain. It can also take whatever nature throws its way, from sunshine to storm. If you wish to accessorize your outdoor furniture, opt for weather-proof cushion covers that can be tossed in the washing machine to make them as good as new. Remember, you’re creating your outdoor space to unwind – and having more things with an arduous maintenance routine doesn’t help that cause! Look up easy maintenance tips for outdoor furniture online to stumble upon cleaning hacks.

Opt For Neutral Tones

It is only for a while that green or yellow furniture looks pleasing, after which it soon turns into an eyesore that you want to cover up with neutral-toned throw blankets. Neutral furniture colours such as tan, taupe, grey or even white can never go wrong. These colours are evergreen options that are perpetually easy on the eyes and can blend in with changing outdoor décor, cushion colours, statement throw blankets and more. Avoid going for stark furniture colours that can restrict you in terms of accents and accessories, reducing your options to play with your outdoor seating.

Go For Quality Over Everything Else

It is not every day that homeowners set out to buy outdoor patio furniture. In your quest for aesthetics, let’s not forget that quality comes above all else. Choose outdoor furniture that has a tough rust-proof aluminium frame that can stand the test of time. High-grade resin wicker furniture is a safe bet for outdoor structures for its ease of maintenance, cost-effectiveness and good quality. Choose UV-protected wicker of premium quality with polyester weatherproof cushions to put your best foot forward in outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture direct offers all of this and more. Head to their website for top-quality outdoor furniture that is shipped to your doorstep and fully assembled for fuss-free usage.

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Modular Design

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to use our homes more than ever before, our humble abodes have now become makeshift offices, lounging spots and private party zones. Modular furniture is the need of the hour to step up to the various needs of homeowners. For the uninitiated, modular furniture is pre-made furniture that can be assembled in different ways and designs. Versatility is an important element in outdoor furniture and modular designs offer just that! Modular wicker furniture comes in handy when you have an outdoor party and want to achieve a scattered seating look. It is also useful when you want to have a private cosy dinner and prefer consolidated seating. Modular furniture can be tweaked to meet various seating arrangements for private or larger gatherings, making it an ideal choice if you enjoy playing host.

Blend The Interior With The Exterior

Although the exterior and the interior of a home are two distinct spaces, it is always a good idea to have a common décor theme across both these spaces. If it is contemporary, vintage, Victorian design or a minimalistic look that you’re going for, stay consistent indoors and outdoors in terms of furniture, fixtures and overall décor. This gives your home a uniform aesthetic and should you ever find the need to take your outdoor furniture indoors for an evening soiree, you know it will blend right in.

Keep Size & Space In Mind

While furniture is an important part of your backyard décor, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of your outdoor space. Aside from seating, several elements come together to create a pleasing and aesthetic backyard that includes tables, artefacts, coat stands and more. Ensure the outdoor furniture is not too big such that it usurps maximum space, leaving the little area to walk or space other necessary fixtures.

Ergonomics Matter

Leisure seating largely depends on how comfortable you feel. Always consider ergonomics when choosing any kind of furniture, whether indoor or outdoor. Ensure the height of the furniture is such that you don’t have to slouch or sit too low, which can take a toll on your comfort. The incline of the backrest must be at an optimal angle to ensure you don’t lean too back or sit too upright. If you are making a purchase online, ask for the measurements of the entire structure so you can gauge the comfort level of the outdoor seating.

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas result in a beautiful outdoor seating solution for your home.

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