How to choose miter saw stand

Miter saw is an essential power tool for every carpenter and essentially anybody who wants to make cuts under the certain angle. The foundation where miter saw is operated, considerably improves the result of the cutting job. There are many miter saw stands available in the market today, but unfortunately, they are not created equal.
How to choose miter saw stand

Some have great quality, others have poor quality, hence it is important that you take a close look of each before deciding which one to purchase. Here is some essential tips on how to choose miter saw stand.

Tips on how to choose miter saw stand

When looking for the best miter saw stand, below are important factors to consider:


This is not a huge issue to those who will use the stand in a fixed location, in a workshop for instance. But, if this is to be used and carried to job sites or different locations so to speak, this factor is highly important.

  • Weight: Carrying it from your garage to your work vehicle and back can be very hard and stressful, particularly if your machine is heavy. If you are expecting to transport it from time to time, choosing pretty lightweight miter saw stand is recommended
  • Wheels: You have two options, first buy a stand that has wheels on it or two, buy wheels separately (ask the sales representative if the model you choose has this option)
  • Size: The size of the stand should allow you to carry it comfortably to places you need to use them, and the size should be enough to fit on your available storage space
  • Capacity and Versatility

Your job may require you to use different sizes and types of saw, and a good stand should be able to work with all of them. Most stands though offer versatility and can handle almost all kinds of saw, but there is absolutely no harm in asking. You would not want to regret buying a stand and end up not using it because your saws do not fit on it.

Know the capacity the stand can handle, if you are working on very huge projects considering 300 pound capacity may not be your best option, while simple and ordinary woodworking may not need 500 pound capacity, as it is too big for them, buying beyond your needs is just a complete waste of money.
How to choose miter saw stand - Bosch miter saw stand

Ease of usage

Most of the stands you will see in the market today are straightforward and easy to use, assemble the equipment, secure the miter saw and start working, but there are some that add complexity in the miter saw stand’s usage, like including extra features that are not easy to understand and sometimes of no use for the owner. Before spending your hard earned money know the purpose and use of the feature and make sure you fully understand how it works.


Investing money to anything, including miler saw stand, should make you aware about its durability and how long you should expect the lifespan of the equipment. You would not want to buy expensive equipment and find it broken after few uses.

This equipment can absolutely help you completing your tasks in the most precise and easiest manner, but you should not rush buying. Take your time, and make sure you choose the best among the available miter saw stands in the market.

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