A Checklist for Everything You Should Do Around Your House This Year

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Being a homeowner is a full-time job. There’s no hiding from the fact that, once you buy a house, responsibilities keep creeping up on you. It can all feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. After all, there’s so much that you can do to raise the value of your home and protect it from damage. The bigger question is: what do you need to prioritize?

What should you do around the house this year

Look no further than this handy checklist for some ideas on where to start. Keep in mind that every house is different and some of these best practices will not apply to you. However, all of these things should at least be considered when caring for your home as well as you can. Keep in mind that this is not exhaustive. However, if you need to be pointed in the right direction to make sure you’re not missing anything, look no further.


  • Fix any cracks, chips or loose bricks on your home’s exterior
  • Install LED lights or light dimmers to help conserve electricity
  • Consider masonry work to restore your house and increase its value
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts, especially before winter
  • Wash vinyl siding

Windows and Doors

  • Upgrade the materials of your windows and doors to improve insulation
  • Clean the glass on your windows to make them look new
  • Replace to glass or repaint the frames of your windows
  • Make sure your doorbell works
  • Close any gaps to prevent cold drafts in the winter by caulking or installing weatherstrips

Walls and Ceilings

  • Consider a new paint color for certain rooms in your home
  • Repaint the trims around your house to amplify its aesthetic appeal
  • Do a thorough check for any water damage or mold
  • Check your roof for any cracks and leaks
  • Dust every surface in your house on a weekly basis


  • Replace old or chipped tiles in your floors
  • Do away with stains on your carpets or hardwood floors
  • If you have a carpet, consider hardwood floors as they are more durable and attractive to buyers
  • Consider replacing hardwood floors if they creak or are in bad condition
  • Install flood-proof flooring in your basement
  • Mop your floors weeklyWhat should you do around the house this year - flooring


  • Buy new cabinets or countertops for your kitchen
  • Invest in new kitchen appliances
  • Scrub your oven and microwave
  • Make sure your refrigerator and freezers are operating at the proper temperatures
  • Invest in a water filter 
  • Do dishes consistently to avoid build-up


  • Make sure there are no issues with the drainage in your bathroom
  • Hire a plumber to inspect the pipes in your home
  • Do a deep clean of your toilet, sink and tub. Replace them if need be
  • Throw away old shower curtains and buy a new one
  • Remove grout, mold or rust from your bathroom


  • Get rid of any looming trees that might fall on your home
  • Trim any overgrown bushes or plants to keep insects out
  • Improve your landscaping with some new flowers or bushes
  • Powerwash or pressure-wash your driveway, walkway or sidewalk
  • Buy new patio furniture to make the most of the space around your home
  • Consider turning extra yard space into a parking lot or porch for guests
  • Clean any fencing around your house
  • Mow your lawn
  • Rake leaves in the fall
  • Replace outside lighting for springtime hangouts
  • Reseed and fertilize your lawn in the spring
  • Test all your outdoor appliances to avoid an emergency situation
  • Disconnect sprinklers in the fall


  • Test your furnace and inspect it if it’s not working
  • Check on your air conditioning unit
  • Replace your air filter
  • Insulate your hot water tank
  • Make sure your vents are working
  • Wash your condensation unit with a high-pressure hose
  • Keep your condensation unit uncovered in the winter to prevent rust and rodents
  • Clean your chimney
  • Set ceiling fans to reverse to create a warm stream of air in the winter
  • Insulate areas where pipes are exposed in the winter


  • Leave an extra room unfurnished so buyers can do what they want with it
  • Install an at-home office in surplus space to capitalize on America’s remote work trend
  • Think about building a gym, kids’ room or laundry room in extra space
  • Convert corners into mini-offices or shelving areas
  • Have a garage sale to rid your home of any clutter
  • Vacuum the house weekly
  • Pounce on any stains in furniture that get more permanent as they settle


  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarm or CO2 detector
  • Make sure you have a functioning fire extinguisher
  • Keep a flashlight, first aid kit and radio nearby in case of a disaster
  • Consistently check for any hazardous materials left out if you have pets or children

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