A Quick Checklist When Buying A Pre-Owned Home

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If you’re looking to buy a home, you’re probably juggling many things in your mind simultaneously. Like budgeting to see if you can find your dream property in the perfect location or maintaining a checklist of what you need, want, and would like to have in a home. In a lot of ways, you’ve probably changed your expectations about buying a house, whether positively, neutrally or negatively. Maybe a more worn home wasn’t originally on your list, or perhaps it was. Whatever the case, buying a home that needs extra care can be an enriching and rewarding experience if you know what to look for.

A Quick Checklist When Buying A Pre-Owned Home

While looking for properties, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

1. The Quality of the Roof

Something important to consider when purchasing a home is the roof. Does the color look faded or worn out? If you can see organic growth like moss or mold, you might be in trouble! This is usually a clear indicator that a roof replacement may be necessary, especially if the shingles are curling. It’s essential that you look into the structure thoroughly before you consider buying the property. Another good idea is looking at the state of the roofs in the area to see what others in the community are doing.

2. Load-Bearing Walls & Their Location

When you buy a house that needs work, you’re probably looking forward to all the changes you can make. The hope is to fix it up in a way that fits the vision you have in your head. Having an idea of what you want is important, but be careful not to let it overtake your logic when you’re looking. What we mean by this is to keep an open mind because the location of the load-bearing walls may not allow you to accomplish the exact look you’re looking for. When dealing with a load bearing wall, your options are limited. These walls will be the most difficult and costly to demolish.

3. Asbestos or Black Mold

Looking to purchase an older property, or one that needs some work, is a wonderful experience, However, due to the age, you have to be careful of unhealthy growing bacteria in the property. While looking through potential homes, make sure you keep an eye out for common signs of asbestos or black mold. Make sure you’re looking in darker areas, like basements or closet spaces. Sometimes they are easy to spot, other times the home requires a professional inspection.

A Quick Checklist When Buying A Pre-Owned Home - mold

4. The Condition of the Foundation

No matter how much work you do on a home that isn’t perfect, it’ll all come crumbling down without the proper foundation. When looking at properties, you’ll want to do a perusal of the exterior and the crawl space, if possible. Look at the quality of the soil around the property. Do you see any dampness or sandiness? From here, you’ll be able to determine whether the home is worth the price.

Spruce Up the Property to Fit Your Dreams

Once you commit to the idea of buying a home that needs some work, the pieces fall easily into place. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to a property in the right location, no matter it’s initial condition. If you consider these key factors when looking for properties, you will be pleasantly surprised at the array of options you find available. When getting ready to buy the house that needs a bit of love, make sure that your heart is in it. Plus, be ready to commit to the work, because it’ll be worth it!

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