Cheap Storage Near Your Home

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Over 700 units are available for storage in Australia, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Generally, you can find them in many facilities and get a small size to store some of your essential items. You can get cheaper prices per month, and the range of 1.5m x 1.5m can be from AUD 40 to $75/month. These are very affordable monthly options, and you can visit this website here for more information. The facility is a very beneficial place where you can temporarily store your belongings before selling or relocating them.

Cheap Storage Near Your Home

Guards are present to secure these self-storages, and they have padlocks and CCTV footage. Customers can choose to store their belongings at a larger warehouse, especially if there are too many furniture pieces, or choose a small one with almost the same size as their previous apartments. The overall size will depend on your needs, but some popular units can deliver the best value for your monthly costs.

About the Popular Sizes

People may choose 3m x 3m units in Perth or Adelaide because of their value and size. You can store up to two bedroom-sized furniture in these units, and there’s still plenty of space to move around and look for items. These affordable alternatives are attractive for homeowners who are relocating because they have a place where they can store their beds, cabinets, tables, and chairs while searching for a new home or going on vacations. There are also added amenities for people who are looking for them, such as climate-controlled rooms, dust-proof features of the ceilings, and more.

People who are renovating their houses or wanting to keep their extra stocks for business may want to consider getting a medium-sized popular storage unit. You can learn more about the units when you click here: These facilities can house several things and cabinets, and you won’t have to worry about them afterwards. Of course, everything will depend on your preferences, and you won’t want to pay for extra spaces that you don’t need. The best thing to do is to measure some of your furniture and determine what you would like to store to prevent additional costs. It’s also essential that you be able to move around, especially when you are keeping excess products and stocks from your business to save time looking for them when you need them.

The costs depend on the facilities’ height, and many people can choose 27 cubic meters as one of their options. You could at least get a space of 3x3x3 for a very cheap price in Australia. The medium-sized ones are often the favorites, and they are in-demand. For many people, they are dubbed as the “goldilocks” sizes because they are not too big or too small. Another factor that can affect the cost is weight. You can quickly get access to them via the mover’s van, and they don’t have problems handling heavier weights. A single trip from the movers is more than enough to fill them, and they are very attractive for homeowners who are doing renovations. Now that you know the most popular sizes available, it’s vital to learn more about the factors that affect the prices. You can read more of them below.

What Affects the Prices?

  • Unit Location
    • Whether it’s outside or inside
    • Located on the ground floors or upper ones
  • Total square footage of the room
  • Powered or Not
    • With lights and climate control or none
  • Types of Doors
    • Rollers or Hinges
  • Coverage/Insurance
  • Rental Trucks

The mentioned add-ons are something that you need to know as they affect the costs in a big way. If you are storing things that are non-perishables and are not going to need them for a very long time, getting other amenities may cause the costs to go up. However, when you want everything to be in perfect condition when it’s time for them to move to a new place, then a secure and climate-controlled unit should serve you well.

Cheap Storage Near Your Home - storage

About the Location

The most crucial factor affecting the price is the location, which is similar to that of real estate. Facilities can offer you storage areas on the ground floor and others on the second floor. Distance from your home is essential as well. While many factors have something to do with monetary value, others may play into human psychology. You may see ads about self-storage that include the distance value. Some of them may claim that they are just 6 kilometers away from your home. Why are the advertisers doing this? It’s human nature for many people to feel more comfortable when their stuff is near their homes. The first one that they are looking at is the convenience of driving in that area when the need arises. Others want to finish the job since it’s already taking so much of their time. Many companies have seen their customers leaving because they found another one that can shave almost 2 km off their trips.

The location within the facility itself is playing a significant role in the price. Many units that are near main roads, entrances, and elevators can cost more. From other people’s point-of-view, these are the prime locations that should be grabbed before others know about them. When it comes to the inside vs. the outside units, the drive-up ones in the buildings’ exteriors may usually cost more. This is because these rooms are often reserved for vehicle storage. They can be 6m deep, 3m wide, and 2.7 m high, which allows them to accommodate lots of vehicles. These are the units that you can access 24/7 because you don’t need to go inside the gates. You can save valuable space in your garage, and they are convenient options when your apartment doesn’t have a carpark. Vehicles can protect the weather and the external environment, and they are a highly safe, secure, and clean solution that you may want to consider.

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